100 Imaginative “Cities of the Future” Artworks

What the future might hold has long been a topic of speculation for artists and creative types. Trying to imagine what the world around us might look like in twenty, fifty, hundred years, or even end of the world can provide hours of entertainment. And it’s obvious that those artists and designers who take the time to create concepts of what they think the future might hold for us put a lot of time and consideration into their pieces.

Below are 100 fantastic artworks depicting what the future of the city might be. There’s a lot of diversity in the images, with everything from dark, almost apocalyptic, scenes to bright eco-utopias.


Utopia City (Source: JamesHillGallery)

City Of The Future (Source: Killerethyl)

City of the Spheres (Source: Voyager212)

Future City 1 (Source: PeteAmachree)

City of the Future (Source: Jacob07777)

Future World 2 (Source: RudolfHerczog)

Future Road (Source: DaniNaimare)

Future Cityscape Concept WIP 5 (Source: Toiletbear)

3D Future City (Source: Forcg)

City (Source: Yty2000)

Future City Concept (Source: Cok3ster)

Capital 30 (Source: Revolved)

Cross Fate City Concept (Source: Adimono)

Smog (Source: Alexiuss)

Future City (Source: Pevel)

Speedpaint – Future City (Source: Antifan-Real)

Dark City (Source: Vaghauk)

Egypt – 2070 (Source: Merl1ncz)

City Of The Future 2 (Source: Xizeon)

SFM X-mas – Sci-fi City (Source: Enterprise-E)

Future City Too (Source: RobertDBrown)

Future Cityscape 1 (Source: Jarling-art)

Inner City (Source: Aksu)

Future City (Source: Xboxpsycho)

City of the Future (Source: Blackangel559)

Epic (Source: Christian Stoll)

Microcity (Source: David Fuhrer)

Paradigm Shift – Zone Zero (Source: Aiven – Yvan Feusi and Gaetan Weltzer)

Fantasy on City Image in the Future (Source: Yaroslav Shkriblyak)

Dark Tales of the Future (Source: Rasmus Poulsen)

Advent of Yellowstone (Source: Theswordsman77)

Organic City (Source: Spivak000)

Gravity City (Source: Yonaz)

Concept: Futuristic City (Source: I-NetGraFX)

Bold Visions – City Docks (Source: Antifan-Real)

Underwater City (Source: Nkabuto)

Meduzarts: Subaru Ep3, Concept (Source: I-NetGraFX)

Different World – Different Time (Source: Caucasian-eagle)

Megastructure (Source: Hideyoshi)

Epocholis (Source: Jenovah-Art)

Mirai Millennium SF BG (Source: Pinakes)

Cityscape (Source: Erenarik)

Ultracity (Source: Guitfiddle)

Metropolis (Source: Hideyoshi)

City Concept 3 (Source: Voyager212)

London 2063 (Source: Grivetart)

Magic Hour (Source: Benef)

Red Dawn (Source: Unfor54k3n)

Dome City (Source: PixelObsession)

Future Of City (Source: Arielitem)

Glide Down to the Future City (Source: ROMAgfx)

A New City (Source: Dekus)

Mountain City (Source: ApneicMonkey)

Ship Highway (Source: PixelObsession)

Capital Megacity (Source: Julian399)

Skypollution (Source: Izaskun)

Future-City Speedy (Source: Brehnman)

Plate City (Source: Farkwhad)

Dwellings (Source: AdoC)

Fallen Concept (Source: AdoC)

Vulcanae (Source: Gizmodus)

Mirandopolis: Birdcage District (Source: Gizmodus)

Rainy Dawn (Source: Voyager212)

Sci-Fi City (Source: TomEdwardsConcepts)

The Desert Labs (Source: Shadowtuga)

Speedpaint_73 (Source: Concept-on-mac)

Glass Prison Sci-fi City (Source: GutsBerserk)

Techno-Oasis (Source: Julian399)

Fast Food City (Source: PE-Travers)

Plaza (Source: Guitfiddle)

Futuristic City (Source: Brehnman)

The City (Source: Urielbeaupre)

Babylon (Source: Unfor54k3n)

Vertical Urban Scrawl (Source: JakeMurray)

Mad City (Source: Nelson808)

The Rule of Law (Source: Arsdraw)

City Design 1 (Source: Datamonkey-ultima)

Future (Source: Radoslav Žilinský)

Edge of Precipice (Source: Taenaron)

2210 (Source: 3yen)

Sun City (Source: Adimono)

The Future Harbor (Source: Yunhyunjung)

City Towers (Source: Aksu)

Sci-fi City (Source: Diversebeing)

The Three Sisters (Source: Nelson808)

Spear City (Source: TheTrashCaretaker)

Ballpoint City Digital Color (Source: RKGfXnl)

Canyon City (Source: AndreeWallin)

Windy City (Source: Hideyoshi)

City Night (Source: Molybdenumgp03)

Underwater City (Source: Lostsoul121)

The City of Dharchonia (Source: TateishiEigo)

Hidden City (Source: Molybdenumgp03)

Bridge City (Source: Loboto)

Futuristic City (Source: Milkmom)

Visari Env 02 (Source: Ichitakaseto)

Temple (Source: Xenomorph-designs)

City Lights (Source: Breaker213)

Silence (Source: Nitro-killer)

Utopia (Source: Adimono)