10 Best Time Zone Converters For Desktop & Mobile Users

If you are part of an organization like hongkiat.com, chances are you are working with colleagues all around the world with different date and time zones. Trying to set up a meeting or have a discussion can be a headache to figure out, particularly when you have a hard time differentiating between GMT, PST, PDT and other time-zone acronyms.

Even if there are no meetings to schedule, with an Internet connection you can watch world events like a football match, a keynote or awards show live on your computer — so long as you can figure out what time it starts locally.

Today, we’ve compiled the 10 best time zone converters for use on desktop or mobile to help you keep track of your global appointments. And if you are an regular traveler, this may even help you pick the perfect time to call home.

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1. Worldtimebuddy (Web tool)

World Time Buddy is a versatile tool that offers a timezone converter as well as a world clock and a meeting scheduler. It has an intuitive design that lets you compare times at different parts of the world. It helps you in tracking business hours in different countries and also when you’re traveling.

2. Time.is (Web tool)

Time.is is a timezone converter with a simple interface. It has a search field where you can enter the location or timezone that you want to know about. There’s another search field for optional timezone search. You can view the results as a table or covert only the specific time.

3. Greenwich Mean Time (Web tool)

Greenwich mean time is a web tool to compare and convert time differences in different parts of the world. It has other useful tools like city time checker, sun time that tells about season progress, and create your own timer with a digital hourglass.

4. Time Zone Converter by TimeAndDate (Web tool)

Time Zone Converter is powered by TimeAndDate which can easily be accessed via your browser to convert time zone in different cities. It also accepts past, present or future dates and allows users to add up to 11 cities for conversion. The converted time can also be copied into an email or note.

5. Time Zone Converter by TheTimeNow (Web tool)

Time Zone Converter helps you find the difference in the time between two cities around the world. Like TimeAnd Date and EasyTZ, daylight savings will be taken into account for conversion and you can convert past and future dates and times as well.

6. World Time Buddy (Chrome extension)

Want to plan and schedule online conferences or international meetings? Try World Time Buddy. It detects your home location automatically, gives you time zone conversion at a glance, and lets you share your converted time via Gmail or Google Calendar. Time buddy also has a an Android app.

7. Timezone Converter by WM-tool.com (Firefox add-on)

Timezone Converter is one for Firefox browser users. It can calculate the time difference between a few places all right from the corner of your browser. Beats having to open up a new tab just to figure the time difference out.

8. TimePal (iOS app)

TimePal is another free iOS app that allows you to plan a cross-border meet-up. Just set a date and time for a meeting and share it with your co-workers in other countries. They will receive the time in their respective local times and dates.

9. World Time Zone Converter (Android app)

Here is one for Android users. In just a few taps, you can convert the time from one timezone source to another destination timezone, half a world away.

10. Time Zone Converter (Android app)

Time Zone Converter consists of a huge database of 1200 cities for time zone conversion. Just search and add a city to compare the local time zone with the selected city time zone.