How to Organize Chrome Tabs into Tab Groups

Google Chrome has recently introduced a very useful feature for boosting productivity. You can now save and open tab groups across desktop devices when needed.

This is a lifesaver for those who tend to open a lot of tabs and wish to keep them organized. It simplifies cleaning up your tab strip and allows you to concentrate on your current tasks.

In this post, I’ll guide you through organizing open windows into tab groups, accessing them, and removing them when they’re no longer needed.

Imagine you have several webpages open in Chrome, spread across multiple tabs:

Example of multiple tabs open in Chrome

To start organizing them into a tab group, right-click on any tab and select “Add Tab to New Group”.

Creating a new tab group in Chrome

Name your group. If you want the group name to appear in your bookmarks bar, ensure “Save Group” is checked.

Naming and saving a new tab group

If “Save Group” is checked, this is what you will see:

Saved tab group visible on the bookmarks bar

Now, proceed to add all open tabs to your newly created group.

Let’s explore how this feature enhances productivity.

Hide/Unhide Group

Clicking the group’s name once will hide all tabs within it. Click it again, and all tabs will reappear. This is incredibly useful when you want to keep your tabs but also desire a cleaner browser interface at the moment.

Hiding and unhiding a tab group
Click once to hide all tabs
Hiding and unhiding a tab group
Click again to expand tabs
Adding New Tab to the Group

If you have a new page that you want to add to the same group, there are two ways to do it. You can right-click on the tab and select “Add tab to group”, then choose the group’s name.

Adding a new tab to an existing group

Alternatively, a quicker method is to drag the tab into one of the opened tabs in the group.

Dragging a new tab into the group
Delete Group

There are two ways to delete the group when it’s no longer needed. The quickest way is to right-click the group’s name in the bookmarks bar and select “Delete group”.

Delete group

Or, you can manually close each tab in the group. If all tabs in a group are closed, the group will automatically be deleted.

Moreover, creating a tab group or groups will sync across your devices. Just make sure you’re signed in to Chrome on your other devices, and you’ll see your groups in the bookmark bar.

Hope you find this new feature as helpful as I do!