40 Awesome Cartoon Character Design Tutorials

Cartoon character and mascots are usually used to identify a brand. It’s the perfect tool to share a message with your audience. Creating characters in different editing tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Corel DRAW is also so much fun and could be a great way to familiarize yourself with a program.

There are numerous tutorials around the web explaining how to create different characters step by step. That’s why in this list we have here, there are 40 cool tutorials to help you create lovable cartoon characters – some familiar, some new. Also included are tutorials on character poses, character sprite sheet and comic character sheets.

These simple will teach you the ins and outs of character design and you can see works of other designers from around the globe in the comments under each tutorial.

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Photoshop Tutorials

How to create a fun, red-haired boy

This video tutorial demonstrates how to illustrate a fun red-haired child in Adobe Photoshop.

How to draw a character with shapes & pen tool

Learn to draw a funny cartoon character with open mouth and big eyes with this simple guide.

How to draw a blue vector character from Sketch to Coloring

Create a simple blue vector monster from sketch in Photoshop.


Illustrator Tutorials

How to create a simple kawaii Yeti with basic shapes

In this tutorial you’ll see the process of creating a monster Kawaii Yeti using simple shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

How to create a killer chainsaw bunny

With this awesome tutorial you can create a Bucket ‘o’ Thought character and add a dynamic background effect.

How to create an 8-bit pixel character

This simple guide shows how to create a simple 8-bit style pixel character using nothing by the rectangle tool.

How to create a cute vector reindeer

It’s summer, but Christmas will come eventually. So, learn to create a funny cute reindeer in Illustrator.

How to draw a cartoon waiter

In this Illustrator tutorial you’ll see the process of creating a funny cartoon waiter with a food tray.

How to illustrate a summer girl

Create a funny summer girl with a slice of watermelon in hand using Adobe Illustrator.

How to create a Retro Fox

Create a fox character with retro feel on dots background with Adobe Illustrator using basic shapes, stylish colors and the Warp Effect tool.

How to draw Little Red Riding Hood with basic shapes

In this guide you’ll be creating a cute cartoon Little Red Riding Hood with her basket and bunch of flowers using Pen Tool and basic shapes.

How to create an elegant patterned vector owl

In this simple Illustrator guide you’ll be creating a cute patterned owl character.

How to create a Comic Character Sheet

This Illustrator tutorial will help you to visualize a girl cartoon character, draw her and her facial expressions.

How to create a cute cactus

Create a cute cactus character in vector format in Illustrator using basic shapes, Line Segment Tool and a Warp Effect.

How to create a cute Gingerbread Man

This simple yet awesome Illustrator guide will teach you how to create a cute gingerbread man character in vector.

How to design a mascot

This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a funny hamburger mascot character in Illustrator from sketch.

How to create a mobile phone

In this tutorial you’ll get to know how to create a funny illustration of cute mobile phone using basic shapes and tools, combined with the power of Blending Modes.

How to create a cute raccoon character

Use this Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create an adorable raccoon in leaves.

How to design a quirky character

In this simple Illustrator tutorial you’ll see how to create character of a red hat girl using basic shapes.

How to create a meditating cartoon cow

Learn how to create a meditating cow using simple coloring techniques in Adobe Illustrator.

Drawing an owl using a circular grid

In this simple guide you’ll get to know how to create a circular grid and design a cute owl character.

How to create a cute hairy vector monster

Here is one more cute monster character tutorial in this collection.

How to draw a cute vector penguin

Use this simple step-by-step Adobe Illustrator tutorial to draw a cute pinguin and bring the character to life with depth and dimension.

Using gradients to create a cartoon worm

Create a funny cartoon worm using gradients in Adobe Illustrator.

How to draw and Vector a kawaii Vampire Chibi

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial you’ll see how to draw a chibi character from scratch using the Shape Builder Tool, Pen Tool and transparent gradients.

How to illustrate a fun vector monster[lllustrator]

Create a funny green monster with basic shapes in Photoshop.

How To Create a Cool Vector Yeti Character

Create lazy and slow Yeti monster in Adobe Illustrator.

Design character poses for a video game

In this guide you’ll get to know how to create a cool character for a video game “beat ’em up” and turn a sketch into a vector image.

Creating a cute creature from a sketch

In this guide you’ll see the process of creating a funny creature with huge eyebrows from sketch using custom brushes, the Paintbrush tool, Pen tool, and the Live Paint Bucket tool.

How to create a cool vector robot

Here you’ll learn to create simple vector cartoon robot character using lots of basic shapes such as rectangles and circles, stroke weights, gradient fills and subtle highlights.

How to create a minion

In this tutorial you will use Photoshop and Illustrator to create a cute minion character from Despicable Me.

How to create a charactor mascot

Create a boy with laptop mascot character in vector format from a sketch in Adobe Illustrator CS4.


Corel Draw Tutorials

How to create a geeky zombie mascot

In his CorelDRAW tutorial you’ll get to know how to create a cartoon geek zombie mascot from a simple sketch.


Affinity Designer Tutorials

How to draw a cartoon penguin in winter

Use Affinity Designer to draw a colorful cartoon penguin with warn winter feel.

Creating a game character sprite sheet

In this tutorial ypu’ll see the process of creating bird-like creature for video and mobile games using various tools and functions of Affinity Designer.

How to create a friendly, futuristic robot

Use Affinity Designer to create this friendly cute robot on blue background with simple shapes and gradients.

How to illustrate an autumn girl

Create an autumn illustration with a nice girl in gumboots, holding an umbrella using Adobe Illustrator.

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