20 Must-have Android Apps for Writers

Writers sure have it easy nowadays because of technology. You can simply download an application and start writing your thoughts, ideas, outlines, characters, if you’re aiming to write a novel that is. For bloggers, it’s practically the same thing, just a bit more technical.

What do you have in your arsenal? Surely, you’re not just relying on Google Docs to check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar, right? If that’s the case, then let me introduce you to some Android apps that every writers and bloggers should have. Let’s take a look.

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1. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of the best proofreading apps in the market right now. I’ve used their premium service before and it’s just spectacular. It allows users to choose the tone of the writing, the audience, and other settings — all so the application can recommend how you can improve your writing.

It doesn’t just check for punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes, but it takes care of nuances like who is the audience, what do you want to achieve (inform, entertain, and others), and even checks for plagiarism. Truly a writer’s best friend!

2. Milanote


Milanote is a simple Android note taking app that every writer should have in their phones. You can add your own doodles and images to better visualize your thought process, ideas, and other notes that you may have. You can take photos, upload them in your notes, and save web pages too.

3. WorkFlowy


If you are fond of making lists and taking notes, give WorkFlowy a go. You can also use it to create outlines for your blogpost idea or story. The design is simple and functions are abundant. For example, you can “star” items for later reference, do a keyword search, expand and collapse lists, and many more.

4. Pure Writer

Pure Writer

Pure Writer’s tagline is “never lose content”, and rightly so because this writer app will keep your content even if you are offline or even if your phone dies.

As long as you have access to your phone, or a new device (with the same credentials), you will always have your work backed up. It’s a perfect app for writers on the go too with its beautiful text editor, all aesthetically and ergonomically designed.

5. Writer Tools – Novel Planner

Writer Tools

If you are looking for a straightforward app to get your novel idea started, give Writer Tools a shot. Its design is simple, but its functions are the real deal. Some features include a timer, word count tracker, progress tracker, character database, scenes, and the like. All sorted into one beautiful application.

6. Pluot


Pluot, as the name suggests, helps users plot stories. It is basically a note-taking app on steroids. You can use it to create scenes, reorder them, create multiple outlines, take note of multiple characters and their attributes, and more. You can also import and export the file through JSON or text files.

7. Writing Tips and Formatting Styles

Writing Tips and Formatting Styles

This app is basically a guide on several things, and students will most likely benefit from this as well as journalists. You can learn APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, Chicago, and other academic formats.

This will also give you easy reference regarding formatting styles, citations, referencing, and other technicalities involved in writing academic papers.

8. WordPress


If you have a WordPress blog and you want to write on the go, just download the WordPress app and connect it with your blog so you can write, schedule, or publish anytime, anywhere.

All of the features you can see on the desktop application are here, at least when it comes to blogging – if you wish to edit your blog’s theme, then you might want to check it out on your desktop instead. But anyway, it’s all you have to install for your blogging needs.

9. Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips is like a crash course application for novice writers. It has a section for blogging tips, articles related to blogging, tutorials about marketing, strategies, design, analytics, monetization, and everything a budding blogger will ever need to get started. It’s literally a “from hero to zero” application that will teach you all about the world of blogging.

10. Proofreader


Correct your grammar, spelling, and punctuation on the go with Proofreader. You can even use it to translate text from English to other languages and vice versa.

It also has a dictionary feature, and it will also explain why something you wrote was a mistake – so you will learn while writing all at the same time!

11. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

If you’ve been writing for years, especially on the creative side, it is unavoidable to suddenly pull inspiration from the past. But sometimes, you might end up accidentally writing entire paragraphs that were just paraphrased from someone else’s original creation. In which case, it could lead you into hot water! But fret not, because Plagiarism Checker can help you check!

12. Paraphraser


Paraphraser, as the word implies, helps reword your content when you feel like you’re overusing certain words or phrases. If you are writing a long article or story, this is a common pitfall that everyone experiences.

You’ll just end up noticing once you’re proofreading your work that you somehow managed to say the word “implies” ten times in the span of three paragraphs. This app will help you avoid that! You can also check if anything you’ve written is similar to other content online.

13. Text Summary

Text Summary

You can’t write effectively if you don’t read. Writers are readers. But sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to read a thousand word news article, right? Still, it’s important to be updated about the current trends, especially if you are a blogger.

In which case, you should use Text Summary, a summarizer app that will trim the length of the article, website, and other text into a compact format while maintaining all of the key points.

14. Text Fairy

Text Fairy

Text Fairy is an OCR application (text scanner from an image) that converts images into texts. For example, if you want to convert a flyer or book page into digital text, you don’t have to write it all down manually.

Just use this app to take a photo of the text you want and it will convert it into an editable text. You can even export it as a PDF. This is perfect for writers who love to write on physical notebooks, and later on digitize the notes.

15. Handwriting Notepad

Handwriting Notepad

As the name implies, Handwriting Notepad is literally a notepad that you can write your notes on using your…hand. No need to type, just use your fingers to jot down the ideas you have.

You can even use it to doodle stuff as reminders. Perfect for people who are more visual, or for those who write with their hands faster than they can type.

16. Writers’ Kit

Writers' Kit

If you are into creative writing, you could use an exercise app like Writers’ Kit. It gives random story ideas anywhere from romance, mystery, fantasy, horror, and the like. It will give you a prompt that you need to write about. This is perfect for writers who are looking for a challenge, or those who want to overcome writer’s block.

17. Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge is another writing prompt application that just gives you story ideas, with certain restrictions that you will need to write around. You can use this app anywhere, while on the move, in the toilet, or anywhere where you might feel bored…turn your boredom into productivity!

18. Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

Yet another Writing Prompts application. Seriously, you can have all the writing prompt apps in the world and you’ll still end up wanting more. With this app, you can see what others are writing, from tragedy to comedy to several other genres.

19. Bize


Unlike other apps featured in this collection, Bize is an app for writing business emails. If you are a professional who regularly sends out business emails, either to update a client or capture a lead, give Bize a shot because it will help you structure your emails properly. This is also really useful for professionals who are client facing, B2B, and the like.

20. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Are you the type who generates ideas while sleeping? Are your dreams so vivid enough that when you wake up, you just want to write everything you remember so you can use it later on for a story? Dream Catcher is for you.

Take note of all your dreams, sorted by date, see the patterns, discover recurring themes, and even set reminders for you to write just right after your alarm rings.

To End

Out of the 20 Android apps for writers I listed above, I personally use 5 of them. Which ones are your favorite? Do you have anything else to add? Please let me know!