30 Essential Apps For Your Android Phone

Android is one the largest OSs being used by mobile users all over the world. Therefore, from utility applications to entertainment ones, there are millions of Android apps already in the market and millions still to come.

For a regular Android device user, this post lists the most essential Android apps that will make your everyday life easier and optimize your device usage. From Android virtual assistant and social media apps to productivity and security apps, the list has everything that an Android user may essentially need. Let’s take a look.

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1. AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus

Android devices are quite prone to malware attack. So to keep your devices and data safe you need AVG Antivirus. AVG is already a household name for providing anti-virus solutions for computers and now you can have its app on your Android device.

It offers different ways to safeguard your device against malware like App Lock, Photo Value, WiFi security, app permissions, and hack alerts among many others. Also, you can use it to lock any app with PIN code, hide photos, kill tasks that slow down your device, and scan apps and games along with many other features.

2. Facebook


One of the biggest social media sites, Facebook allows you to stay in contact with your friends, follow your favorite celebrity or brand even engage in buying and selling. So having a Facebook app in your Android device is a must to keep yourself plugged into the world around you.

Both local and international big and small businesses can benefit from Facebook’s vast user-base. You can even play games, share your updates with friends and find local/ international events that may interest you all through this app.

3. Twitter


The largest microblogging social media site Twitter gives millions a platform to have their say. Having a Twitter app in your Android device will keep you up to date with information on topics that interest you plus you can always share your opinion and see what others are saying.

It also allows you to see what’s trending locally or internationally, see or post visual content, and get notices by sharing your hot takes on subjects. When it comes to businesses, Twitter gives you a good opportunity to stay connected with your customers or followers.

4. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger

Viber has been providing free messaging plus video/ audio call service from quite some time. The app is pretty simple to use and has a lot of features that you’d appreciate in a messaging app.

You can make high-quality video and audio calls on both local and international numbers, create chat groups, share cute emojis, GIFs and stickers, and send self-destructing messages. Also, all the messages are end-to-end encrypted so you can be assured of the privacy.

5. Opera Mini

Opera Mini

Every device needs a browser, and being a reliable and feature-rich browser, Opera Mini works wonderfully for all kinds of Android devices. It is a pretty fast browser owing to the many data centers around the world.

The best feature of Opera Mini is its greater focus on privacy. It is a secure browser giving you strict privacy protection on the web plus you can browse in the incognito mode that won’t leave any trace of your browsing history on the web.

6. ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox

For those using a rooted Android device, here is ROM Toolbox. It combines all the useful root apps like Titanium, Backup, Root Explorer, SetCPU, MetaMorph and the likes into one comprehensive application.

It is pretty easy to use with a simple and neat interface. You can use it to create, manage, and restore Android backups, install multiple ROMs and themes, access Android file system, create run script as root, and much much more.

7. Go Launcher

Go Launcher

If you are fond of having interesting themes on your Android device, take a look at the GO Launcher app. It offers thousands of free themes, wallpapers of every type, transition effects, and other cool features. You can customize your home screen, lock screen, and the menu with this app.

8. Zedge


Zedge is the home to some of the coolest wallpapers and ringtones you’ll find online. The wallpapers range from HD wallpapers to live wallpapers on any theme of your linking. Moreover, you can find ringtones of any of your favorite songs plus an array of alarm sounds.

9. Instagram


Instagram doesn’t need any introduction. It is the most popular photo/video sharing social media platform with millions of users worldwide. You can connect with your friends and share your updates as interesting images or videos.

Instagram is an equally useful site for local and global businesses. You can run ads, market and sell your products through your business page, or hire influencers to speak for your brand.

10. 1Weather


1Weather is a free weather app for Android. It gives you accurate weather updates on hourly basis through a beautiful interface. You can easily navigate around the app and get up to 12 weeks of reliable weather forecast of any location so you can easily plan ahead.

11. Google Drive

Google Drive

An integral part of Google Workspace, Google Drive is cloud-based storage and file sharing platform that offers some wonderful features to store and access your data on your Android device or any other device.

You can access your files anywhere (even offline), share your data with anyone by setting permissions, get notifications about any activity on your shared files, and even scan documents using your device’s camera.

12. Google Maps

Google Maps

Your best traveling companion, Google Maps provides the fastest and easiest resource to find your way around anywhere in the world. Over 220 countries are accurately mapped in it along with millions of businesses and all kinds of places.

With real-time GPS navigation, traffic conditions on your route, and regularly updated transit information, you can use the app anywhere without feeling like a stranger. You can also use it to discover places in any locality and do group planning right through the app.

13. LastPass


LastPass is a password managing app for Android. With it you can save your passwords, logins, and personal information in a secure vault. You can also use the vault to create profiles on e-commerce sites, auto-fill app logins, and generate strong passwords along with other features.

Want to type faster than you normally do? Try the SwiftKey keyboard by Microsoft. It is an intelligent keyboard app that learns the way you type and then adapts itself to aid faster typing.

14. Swift Keyboard

Swift Keyboard

The SwiftKey learns your slang, nicknames, and frequently used GIFs and emojis use and suggest them as you type. With these helpful predictions, you can type faster and gets more personalized the more you use it.

15. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

The Podcast Addict app is… well, for podcast addicts. Being one of the best podcast apps for Android, it features 2 billion episodes of interesting podcasts on just about every subject.

You can browse podcasts by category, get personalized recommendations, and browse podcast network etc. You also get different audio effects, automatic updates, automatic cloud backup, SD card storage, and many more features.

16. TickTick


A neat and simple to-do list app for Android. It helps you in managing your tasks, create schedules, get reminders for deadline, appointments or other important dates, and capture idea on-the-go. You can sync it across multiple platforms and get a handy little widget on your home screen.

17. Dropbox


Dropbox is a popular cloud storage platform that helps you in sharing or storing your data on a secure cloud that can be accessed any time any where. With the Dropbox Android app, you can reach your data and files saves in your computer or any other device easily and seamlessly.

Additionally, in the Dropbox app, you can backup your photos, preview an array of file type online or offline, scan documents, send large files with just a link and much more.

18. Pocket


For avid readers and content curators, the Pocket app is a boon. You can use it to curate the content that interests you including news stories, articles, recipes, videos and like.

No matter which website you’re using, you can save the content in your Pocket account so you can read or refer to it later. There’s also a feature to listen to articles, discover new content based on your interests, and go through your saved content through comfortable reading modes.

19. Snapseed


Snapspeed is a great photo editor created by Google. It allows you to give fully professional touch to your photos through different tools, brushes, and filters. You can also save a certain look that you created to apply to other photos and turn every photo into a masterpiece.

20. VLC


If you want a simple and versatile media player for Android then the popular VLC media player will be the best to pick. It is a free an open-source multi-media player that can run any type of video or audio file, DVD, network streams and much more.

It features a comprehensive audio players with equalizer and filters that can play any type of audio format you can think of. Plus there are no ads and in-app purchases and you can have a widget on your Android home screen.



IFTTT is already making it easier for millions to manage their apps and services through a seamless experience. You can have the IFTTT app in your Android device that works with more than 360 apps including Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack etc.

It also works with smart devices like Amazon Alexa, iRobot, Phillips Hue, and Google Home to help you control these devices better. Also, there is a whole gamut of use cases and new services are regularly added.

22. Evernote


Evernote is not your average note taking app. It is a complete package of utilities that enable you to organize your daily life. You can use it to manage your to-do list, jot down your notes and ideas, organize bills and invoices and much more.

Additionally, you can connect your Google Calendar to keep up with your schedule – be it business or personal. You can sync your Evernote account on any number of devices and even access your data offline.

23. Authy


To protect your apps and accounts from getting in wrong hands, you can use Authy. Authy brings strong authentication to your Android device through 2-step verification. This way you can add ten extra layer of security to your apps and keep them from getting hacked.

24. F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure is a mobile a security app for android. With F-Secure you can protect your device and all the data through reliable means. Its feature include app scanning, parental control, browsing protection, and banking protection among many others.

25. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer File Manager

A useful file manager app for Android for managing, organizing, and securing your files. You can search for any file stored in your device and organize them in different collections. You can secure your files through AES encryption, check storage, and customize the app to your liking.

26. MacroDroid


To add productivity to the daily use of your Android device, MacroDroid enamels you to automate several tasks. it offer more than 70 triggers to start a certain task and configure constraints to help you manage the micros well.

You can program it to do tasks like switch on WiFi when you’re closer to your home, save battery juice, creating custom sounds and notifications, using timers and stopwatch to remind you of your tasks, and many more things.

27. Waze


Waze is you cute little traveling companion that helps you with all kinds of driving and traffic information of your daily commute. It alerts you about traffic, hazards, toll costs, etc. and also informs you from where you can get the cheapest gas, or shortest route to your destination.

28. WhatsApp


For connecting people through a safe, free, and reliable medium, WhatsApps is must-have. It is one of the most popular messaging services that offers free video and audio calls with high quality audio and video.

The app is also made secure with end-to-end encryption and feature-rich to cater to a number of your instant messaging needs. You can create groups, share daily updates through status, send stickers, GIFs, and emojis, and call or message anyone across the globe.

29. Spotify


Spotify is the perfect music app with millions of songs and hundreds of playlists, artists, podcasts, and genres. You can listen to decade old songs to the most latest hits with some of the most amazing features.

Spotify also enables you to discover music from any artist and a number of languages and stream music from albums. You can also create your own playlists and share them with your friends and loved ones.

30. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner

Tiny scanner is a handy little document scanning app for Android devices. You can scan any kind of document, photos, reports, or invoices and convert them into PDF documents for sharing. It’s like a tiny scanner right in your pocket all the time.