20 Alternative Android Keyboard Apps

Every Android device has its own keyboard build into the system, but no matter how feature-filled the built-in keyboard is, it is still very general. So, if you think the current keyboard in your mobile device is not offering you much or you have some special requirements that it isn’t fulfilling, then you can always take help from an alternative keyboard.

In today’s post I’m going to list 10 of the best alternative keyboard apps for Android that offer different features for its users. Let’s check them one by one in the following.

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1. Gboard


Gboard is one of the most innovative and feature-rich keyboards for Android. It offers you the speed and reliability of Google Keyboard as well as a variety of intuitive typing modes and controls.

Some of Gboard’s most interesting features include glide typing (sliding your fingers from letter to letter), voice typing, handwriting (with cursive and printed letters), multilingual typing, voice typing, and emoji search, etc. There’s also a feature to translate as you type with a whole gamut of supported languages.

2. Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard

A keyboard that adapts to the color theme of the app that you’re using, Chrooma is a lightweight yet powerful keyboard for Android devices. It features adaptive themes that let you personalize your keyboard according to your phone’s style.

What’s most interesting about Chrooma is its AI-powered prediction that suggests words and emojis according to context. It also supports GIF search, integrated gestures, multilingual typing, gesture typing, one-hand typing, and much more.

3. Grammarly


Grammarly – already known as one of the best writing assistant apps – now brings Grammarly Keyboard for Android. It allows you to edit and check your spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors while you type.

With Grammarly, you can customize the look of your keyboard with light or dark theme, different keyboards, and number rows etc. You can also choose better-suited words through synonyms, select your preferred dialect settings, and add a personalized dictionary along with many other features.

4. Simple Keyboard

Simple Keyboard

A truly minimal keyboard, Simple Keyboard is for those who only want an easy-to-use keyboard with no bells and whistles. It is extremely lightweight (less than 1MB) and ask for minimal permissions (just vibrate).

Even though the Simple Keyboard doesn’t have features like emojis, GIFs, spell-checker or swipe typing, yet it offers some useful customization options like changing the color and adjusting the height of your keyboard to give more space to the screen. Also, it is easily installed and comes add-free.

5. Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard

As the name suggests, Minimum Keyboard is a small-sized keyboard for Android that allows you to have more screen space. It offers some cool features like sloppy typing, smart emoji suggestion, cursor control, and one-hand typing and is available in multiple languages.

6. GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard

Go Keyboard is a wonderful little emoji keyboard for Android that offers high level of customization and ease-of-use. You can create creative emojis and avatars using this keyboard app and develop your own sticker library.

As for customization, Go Keyboard has 1000+ colorful themes, emojis, and GIFs along with many different fonts and languages to choose from. There are also different typing modes available like smart typing, gesture typing, and voice input etc.

7. Fonts


Here is a fonts keyboard that allows you to select from a number of interesting fonts for your Android keyboard. You can use it on your text messages, social media bios, posts, and stories. There are also different types of fonts you can choose from like sticker fonts, symbols, and kaomojis etc.

8. AnySoftKeyboard


AnySoft Keyboard is an on-screen keyboard for Android. It is an open-source keyboard and offers support for an array of languages along with completion dictionaries for each language.

There are many other features that you’ll find interesting in AnySoft keyboard like voice input, extension keyboard, gesture and multi-touch support, quick switching layouts, theme customization options, and power-saving mode among many others.

9. Yandex.Keyboard


Yandax is a smart and versatile keyboard for Android. It comes with intuitive features like swipe typing, voice command support as well as many emoticons, GIFs, and keyboard themes to choose from. It ensures security of your data and can translate from and into 70 languages with in seconds.

10. iKeyboard


Here’s a fun emoji keyboard with multiple features. There’s a humongous collection of 5000+ emojis and emoticons that this keyboard features as well as 6000+ colorful themes to customize the look.

Also, you can send stickers and GIFs to any social media app, create a music keyboard, and set your keyboard’s background with your own pictures. Some of its other cool features include fast typing through slide input, voice typing, smart auto-correction, and multilingual keyboard support.

11. Fonts Keyboard

Fonts Keyboard

For typography fans, this fonts keyboard will bring much fun. It allows you to have 100+ fonts for your Android keyboard as well as a huge collection of emojis and symbols. You can also change the background color of your keyboard or add your own picture to it.

12. Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker's Keyboard

Hacker’s keyboard gives you the exact layout of your computer’s keyboard. It has separate number keys, punctuation, and arrow keys like a physical keyboard. The keyboard is based on AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard which supports multitouch for modifier keys.

13. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is a wonderful alternative keyboard for your mobile. It comes with 70+ customization options including colors, designs, and themes. What I found unique is this keyboard is undockable yet resizable unlike many others, which allows you to place it anywhere on the screen.

Moreover, it packs in all essentials such as text prediction and autocorrection, slide typing, emoji packs and emoji keyboard, along with support for 150+ languages.

SwiftKey Keyboard

14. Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard is a full-featured emoji keyboard for the creative in you. With hundreds of themes and customization options like fonts, colors, wallpapers, and keyboard layouts, you can make it your own. It offers GIFs, emoticons, kaomojis, animated emojis, emoji arts and symbols, an emoji dictionary, and an emoji maker (make emojis from photos).

Also, it supports 82 languages and features must-haves like text prediction and correction, one-hand mode, and swipe typing, etc.

Kika Keyboard

15. Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah Keyboard is the one-of-its-kind 3D keyboard with powerful features and customization options. These include 3k+ colorful themes, fonts, sounds, and backgrounds to make it your own. What I find unique in this app is a ‘Smart Reply’ feature which suggests possible responses to a message.

It features a theme maker, a robust dictionary, voice input, swipe typing, text auto-correction, etc. as well as GIFs, emojis, and memes. Cheetah Keyboard also offers 80 languages.

Cheetah Keyboard

16. ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard

ai.type Keyboard is the smartest keyboard that plans to transform the messaging experience. Some of its intelligent features include text narration, on-keyboard search, and unit conversions. It offers personalization options like colors, fonts, background images, thousands of themes, and a theme designer like above keyboard apps.

Moreover, the app has support for 50+ languages, offers emoji support, text prediction and correction features, and swipe typing etc.

ai.type Free Emoji Keyboard

17. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

One of my old favorites, Fleksy is a smart keyboard like ai.type that boasts of fastest typing speed. What I see distinctive is this app is that it’s extensible, i.e., you can add or remove features using its extensions.

Along with its customizability features like colors, themes, and layout sizes, the app also offers 800+ emojis, stickers, thousands of GIFs, and key pops, etc.

The app comes with essential features like gesture typing, text prediction and correction, and support for 40+ languages.

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

18. FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey Keyboard is a clam and pleasing keyboard that offers a fancy theme designer to design your own creative theme. Other customization options include numerous fonts, backgrounds, sounds, themes, layouts, key shapes, and typing effects.

This keyboard packs in 1.6k+ emojis, emoji arts, and more fun features. Last but not the least, it brings all the expected features like word suggestion and auto-correction, swipe typing, etc. It supports 30+ languages as well.

FancyKey Keyboard

19. Typany Keyboard

Typany Keyboard is another FancyKey-like keyboard that offers a bunch of cool features including a theme maker. I liked its doodle designer and emoji maker that help to showcase your creativity to others in a fun way. You can personalize colors, photo backgrounds, sound effects, and themes, as well as keyboard layouts.

Also, it offers all essentials like text and emoji prediction and correction, stickers, etc. and boasts of a comprehensive support for 100+ languages.

Typany Keyboard

20. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is another emoji-focused keyboard app which boasts of bringing fun to your daily conversations. It packs in 3.5k+ emojis, symbols, stickers, and GIFs, a feature to turn your face into an emoji (face emoji) and offers 30+ languages.

If I talk about personalization, you can change color, font, background, tapping effect, and layout of this keyboard. It also offers word prediction and correction, swipe typing, clipboard, etc.

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Bonus: Ginger Keyboard

Another of my old favorites, I know Ginger Keyboard as a productivity tool, but that is not all. This app offers many unusual features such as in-keyboard games, a smart bar for app shortcuts, grammar and spell checker, etc.

Apart from that, it also offers you to use 50+ languages, 100+ themes as well as a theme designer to personalize the keyboard. Also, let us not forget about 1k+ emojis, stickers, GIFs, and a lot more fun features along with word prediction and swipe typing.

Ginger Keyboard