Beach Mode: Facebook’s Answer to After-Work Notifications

For companies that use social media platforms as a way to keep its employees informed, employees receiving notifications about their company on their smart devices is a common nuisance, particularly if said notifications arrive after office hours.

Facebook’s staff apparently thinks so to, which is why they could be testing out something called "Beach Mode" on the Workplace by Facebook platform.

First discovered by the folks at VentureBeat, Beach Mode is a feature that would allow users to reduce the number of notifications they’ll receive from Workplace by Facebook when they’re off the clock. In an interview conducted with Monica Adractas, head of Americas for Facebook’s Workplace service, it appears that Beach Mode may just be one of many modes available.


According to the interview, it appears that a "Do Not Disturb" mode is currently being tested on Workplace by Facebook as well. While nothing specific was reveal about this mode, Adractas did mention that the DND mode will also let users cut down on notifications. DND and Beach Mode may not be the only offerings available either as Adractas mentioned that various versions of the modes above are available, allowing users to cut notifications for different groups.

Curiously enough, when VentureBeat attempted to get more information about Beach Mode, a Facebook spokesperson mentioned that Adractas misspoke and Beach Mode isn’t actually a feature, nor is it something Facebook is shipping in the future. The response could potentially mean that the feature is purely experimental at the moment and it won’t be arriving on Workplace anytime soon, if ever.

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