50 Most-Wanted Facebook Tips and Tricks

For many of us, Facebook is a cool social media platform that allows you to connect with friends all across the world. However, as a user, Facebook is much more entertaining and helpful. But, only if you know how to achieve that.

To help you get the most out of all the fun stuff and helpful Facebook features, I’m compiling a comprehensive list of most wanted Facebook tips, tricks and hacks. Do check them and try out if you find any interesting.

1. Find out all photos you friend Liked

The title speaks for itself. This nifty trick lets you discover all photos your friend has previously Liked on Facebook.

find out all photos you friend liked before
2. Turn Facebook language into Pirate English

Getting bored of seeing the usual Facebook language? Try out this little trick to make your profile a pirate’s page without any modding or downloading.

turn profile into pirate page
3. Download all Facebook photos of your friends

If you are fond of someone’s photos but don’t wish them to know you are watching their pics, then why not download them by using this tip?

download friends' all photos
4. Schedule your Facebook updates

Were you looking for this feature? Yes, you can schedule your updates though it. However, it is not an official feature of Facebook. Just try this trick.

schedule facebook updates
5. Choose who can see you online on Facebook

What if you don’t want anyone to know if you are online? Your ex or maybe your parents, during exams? This trick will help you do that.

hide online status partially
6. Fake Facebook Wall updates

If you are looking for some fun, then why not use this trick to post a fake update on your wall? It will surprise each of your friends.

post fake wall updates
7. Post to Multiple Facebook groups

Do you belong to numerous Facebook Groups? If yes, you must be finding it hard to be active in all of these groups, but now you can with this trick.

multi-post to fb groups
8. Post a blank status on your wall

Using this trick, you can surprise everyone by writing a blank wall post. Yes, people will scratch their head trying to find your post.

post blank status
9. Auto-‘Like’ a friend’s posts – all of them!

If you do not know, the more you engage with your friends’ profiles, the more you get their attention, and making likes is the easiest way to engage.

like post automatically
10. Activate auto-commenting on posts

Though one cannot auto-post comments to every post on Facebook as it looks like spam yet you will find this trick useful in various situations.

11. Stop Facebook videos from playing automatically

If you also find the auto-playing videos to be a nuisance and a data thief, like me, then you can simply turn them off using this simple tip.

12. Bulk accept all Friend Requests

This tip is going to be super helpful if you get lots of friend requests or have a long list of pending friend requests in your account.

accept all friend requests
13. Fake Facebook conversation with anyone

Do you wish to prank your friends with a fake conversation? Using this tip, you can have a conversation with anyone – even Mark Zuckerberg.

14. Invite all Friends to a page

If you are working on a brand new page that you wish to promote among your friends, then this trick will help you do that instantly.

invite all friends to a page
15. Download any Facebook video

Did you find a video interesting enough to have its place in your offline storage? Luckily, you can download any video from Facebook using this tip.

16. Fake Your Mobile Device

If you like to prank your friends, then this simple prank will catch their attention. Using this tip, you can post from any phone. Even iPhone X.

fake your mobile device
17. See who visited your Facebook profile

Though not commissioned by Facebook itself, there is a simple trick to catch your profile visitors – people who are keeping tabs on you.

18. Delete all Facebook Messages

If you are sensitive about your messages, then deleting them regularly is a smart idea, and this tip can help you do just that.

19. Opt for Two-Factor Authentication

I believe everyone should take his or her privacy into their own hands, and opting for two-factor can be the first step towards protecting your account.

20. Use Facebook as a Windows app

If you do not know, Facebook offers its official app for Windows 8.1 and above. That means you can keep in touch easily using this sleek app.

21. Track last login location

One of the security practices includes keeping a check on your account, especially logins. If you find a login from an unknown location, you know it was not you.

22. Change your Facebook from boring blue to a different theme

Are you bored of the default blue theme of Facebook? You can use this trick to bring some colors to your networking experience while using Facebook.

change Facebook theme
23. Block unwanted invites

If you get irritated at getting numerous notifications from apps and games played by your friends, then you can use this tip to block them.

24. Get your Facebook Page verified

Have you got a Facebook page? You can use this tip to get a verified Facebook account (i.e., get the blue tick badge) and attract more people to like your page.

25. Unfollow a Friend you dislike without losing contact

If you wish to get rid of one’s updates and posts, but you still wish to claim your friendship to them, then simply unfollow them in your account.

unfollow not lose access
26. Customize and improve the News Feed

You may have noticed the news feed to become more annoying than engaging over time. This simple tip will help to get your news feedback on track.

27. Stop Facebook from notifying Friends’ B’days

Though Facebook’s reminders on your friends’ birthdays are helpful yet it may not suit you if you have thousands of friends. If it is, use this tip.

28. Download all your Facebook history

If you are done with your Facebook account or just wish to store your past data locally, then this quick tip can help you download all your data.

29. Get login alerts

If you are serious about your account’s security, then you must keep an alert on your logins, and this tip will help you with just that.

30. Nominate your Facebook heir

As you do with numerous financial and other sensitive things, you can nominate a person to access your account after you pass away.

31. Use Facebook’s secret Emojis

If you wish to surprise your friends or you are looking for some fun, then you can write secret emojis that most people do not know of.

write secret emojis
32. Create long post

Do you like to write but don’t have your blog? You can write supersized posts with images on Facebook, thanks to its “Note” feature.

33. Check your relationship history with any Friend

If you think Facebook does not care about you and your better half, you will be surprised to see the history between you and whomever you have a “relationship with”.

34. Save posts to read later

You do not need to use Pocket or Instapaper to save posts to read later on Facebook. You can simply use this trick to save posts and read them later.

35. Stop Facebook from Tracking you on the web

If you do not know, Facebook, like Google, does track your mobile and web browsing to show targeted ads, but you can opt-out using this trick.

36. Embed Facebook Content on your website

Do you know you can embed content from Facebook on your blog or site? If not, just use this trick to embed public content easily.

embed public content
37. Manage your ad preferences

If you do not enjoy seeing targeted ads on Facebook or wish to improve your privacy, then using this tip, you can configure ad settings.

38. Send money via Facebook

As with numerous other services, Facebook also supports sending money between its members, i.e., you can send money to friends.

send money via fb
39. Upload 360 images & videos

You must have heard about panorama and photosphere and maybe have watched them on Facebook. You can also create and upload them.

40. Access live video streaming across the globe

You must have heard about Facebook Live. However, do you also know Facebook shows a live feed of available live events? Just use this trick.

see what's happening
41. Create a fundraising campaign

If you or your organization seeks to raise money, then Facebook is an ideal choice, thanks to its large number of users and easy campaigning.

42. Locate and contact your local representatives

Facebook Town Hall is a nice social-awareness feature that details you about local representatives and executives and gives easy access to follow them.

43. Enjoy the arcade of Facebook games

Facebook is home to endless entertainment including numerous games. Moreover, now you can also play with friends right inside the chat window.

enjoy the arcade
44. Auto-post Birthday wishes

If you have lots of friends on your Facebook, then it is not easy to connect with everyone. That is where this tip will help you in wishing them.

auto post birthday wishes
45. Recover deleted messages

Have you heard that Facebook never deletes your data? Well, you have heard it correctly, and you can get to see your deleted messages using this trick.

recover deleted messages
46. Make an invisible profile

If you are super serious about your privacy and wish to stay invisible on the Internet, then this trick will surely catch your attention, doesn’t it?

47. Bulk message all your Friends

Do you have something to share with all your friends? Maybe a promotional or invitational message? Then this trick can help you for hours.

48. Create a self-destructing message

Though inspired by Snapchat and Telegram, Facebook Messenger now allows you to send messages which self-destruct after the set time.

49. Find e-mail address of all your Friends

If you are searching for all your friends’ email addresses for any purpose, then this small trick can help you capture all those email addresses.

50. Track a Friend’s location

Though someone may not like his location being tracked without his consent yet, if you are sure you need to know your friend’s location, this trick can help you.

track friend's location
51. Check public info of a Friend

Do you wish to check out all info about a person? Maybe an old friend or someone you are checking out? Just use this tip to get all the info.