Boost Your Productivity: Use Facebook at Work with Workplace

Office-centric social networking services like Yammer and Slack are a boon for companies, allowing employees from various departments of a company to communicate with each other within a single app or website. Today, after years of internal testing, Facebook has released its own take on the office-based social networking service: Workplace.

Formerly known as Facebook at Work, Workplace is a social network service that is modeled after Facebook’s own internal corporate network. By itself, Workplace will be instantly familiar to those who’ve used Facebook as it comes with a News Feed, Live Stream options, Reactions, Groups and various other features.

workgroup layout
The general layout of Workplace

What separates Workplace from Facebook is in the Workplace-only features. Workplace comes with features like dashboard analytics that is capable of gauging employee engagement levels, integration with single sign-on (SSO), as well as integration with identity providers including G Suite, Okta, OneLogin, Pig and Windows Azure AD, allowing companies to easily integrate Workplace with their existing IT systems.

For employees that are constantly out in the field, Workplace supports a separate Work Chat app that is native to both iOS and Android, allowing employees to remain in touch while on the go.

workgroup analytics
Workplace’s dashboard analytics feature

Apart from the features mentioned above, Facebook has also announced that they will be rolling out “Multi-Company Groups”. As the name implies, this feature will allow employees from different organizations to work together, a useful feature for companies that frequently participate in collaboration projects.

The biggest selling point that Workplace has over other office-centric social networking service is its familiarity — Workplace is very much a reskinned version of Facebook. The pricing system for Workplace is also a boon for startups as well — it charges by the number of active users.

Workplace is a subscription-based service, with a free 3-month trial. The fee kicks in at USD3/user every month for fewer than 1000 users, USD2/user every month for 1000-10,000 users and USD1/user for more than 10,000 active users. Non-profit organizations and educational institutions can use Workplace for free.

(Source: Facebook Newsroom)