Instagram Now Lets You Archive Your Older Post

Almost everyone has uploaded picture on Instagram that they’re not particularly proud of. For those of you who frequently post embarrassing photos on their Instagram accounts, an upcoming update to the Instagram app will soon let you hide them instead of deleting them outright by way of a built-in archive feature.

Now available to a selected group of people, Instagram users will soon be able to archive any of their posts. To do so, the user just needs to tap the "" button and select the Archive option.

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Once a post has been archived, the post itself will be removed from the user’s profile page and moved to the Archive folder. Posts that have been archived can only be viewed by the user themselves, essentially making that particular post private.

archive post

If the user decides that they would like to make the post public again, all he needs to do is to select the post from the archive folder, tap on the "" button, and choose the Show on Profile option. And just like that, the post will be made visible to everyone again.

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