How to Fix Instagram Crash When Uploading Photos

If you’re a heavy Instagram user, you may be aware of a bug that can be found on the service’s Android and iOS app that is causing it to crash whenever you try to upload photos or Stories to the service.

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This particular bug is occurring on the Instagram application version 10.4.0 for Android and version 10.4.1 for iOS, where tapping the "+" the button is causing the screen to go black before crashing back to the home screen.

Should you find that the bug is affecting your version of the Instagram app, here’s how you can solve the problem on your own.


Restart your device and launch the app again. If the bug persists, uninstall the app, reinstall it and then log in again.


Uninstall the app, reinstall it, then log in and try again.

If the bug is still around after you’ve reinstalled the app, you’re going to have to wait until Instagram fixes it in the next update.