Macro Photography: Remarkable Bits of Life We Overlook

The joy of being a photographer is being able to capture life in a single image. Our eyes skim very briefly on facets of life but sometimes we fail to notice the intricacies that make the wonders of this world so remarkable. Simple things like looking at a bee settle onto a flower or looking at the rainbow spectrum in an insect’s eye, or even taking just a closer look at the human eye: the window to the soul. We walk around, not taking a moment to just enjoy this little bits of life.

Here we have collected a number of macro shots that hope to inspire and remind us of the little things that can just make you feel in awe. Have a great weekend ahead :-)

Animals, Insects/Bugs

A detailed view of Zoology and the tiny creatures we see every day.


Source: Gustav Persson

Brown/Tan Damselfly Face

Source: Opo Terser


Source: Michael Shpuntov


Source: Vladimer Shioshvili

High Tech Jumper

Source: Coder

Eye of Gecko

Source: Alan M


Source: tywak break

Kahlil Gibran

Source: alphacygni



Green Colorize 329

Source: Marcus Wallinder

Head On

Source: Charles Lam

One Exposure

Source: Kristoffer Jonsson

Treble Clef

Source: Glynn m

Ranita Curiosa

Source: Ricardo Rico

Punk Moth

Source: Lord V

Green Colorize 223

Source: Marcus Wallinder

Wolf Spider

Source: Michael Shpuntov

Pad 3

Source: Michael Shpuntov

Human & Nature

Taking a closer look at the beauty of Mother Nature and the Facets of Human Life

A Sea of Stars

Source: Sugargrl14


Source: Fabalina

I Am Purple2

Source: dini25

Keep Straight

Source: OzureFlame


Source: my-shots

Opposites Attract

Source: HD

Purple Rain

Source: ForbiddenSorrow

Grass Drops

Source: ViaMoi

Tiny Fireworks

Source: v1ctory_1s_m1ne


Source: cynicalsunshine

Those Eyes

Source: Michael Shpuntov

Glittery Ball

Here are some Amazing detailed close ups by Joakin Kraemer. You can view more his works here.

Source: ninazdesign

Objects and Food Shots

One need never “Object” to viewing or receiving “Food”.

Christmas Lights

Source: Corey DiNardo


Source: midamida

Ferro flamba

Source: Andrea G


Source: Frans Persoon

A Bit of Whitening

Source: Michael Shpuntov

Vitamin C for Scott

Source: Michael Shpuntov

The Big Apple

Source: Mike Golding

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