10+ Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories To Watch Out For

The Galaxy S4 is the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung, and the growing band of Galaxy S4 owners are likely to buy accessories to fully utilize their S4 features and protect their new beauty. We’ve scoured the Web to find pretty cool accessories you could use together with your S4.

Here are some of the Samsung-manufactured accessories that are selling on the site together with the S4. You’d probably notice a running theme that has to do with keeping healthy but we’ll let you explore that option and more in the items below. We’ve also put in some awesome third-party accessories that have added form and function that will do your S4 proud. Name your favorite in the comments or share more with us.

S Band

Track your steps, calories, distance and sleep quality with this stylish fitness tracker wristband and get all your stats stored and displayed in the updated S Health 2.0 app on the smartphone.

S View Cover

With the S View cover, you can see all incoming information through the small window without flipping it open. The cover also allows you to answer calls with a cut out at the earpiece.

(Image Source: CNET)

Game Pad

Gamers can rejoice with this portable Bluetooth game pad which bears a resemblance to the XBox controller. It has a ‘docking system’ for the smartphone which could possibly support a Note 2 as well.

Wireless Charging Cover

Want wireless charging for your Galaxy S4? Just use this back cover in place of your battery and start charging wirelessly on a charging base. No cables, and no extra weight. Futuristic and practical.

Flip Cover

The S4 may look like the S3 but it’s thinner so you might want to get a new flip cover for it. This one comes in 5 vibrant colors on top of the simple black or white variants.


For the pouch lover, here’s a classier way to protect your Galaxy S4. There are no details of what it is made of but just look at that material!

Protective Cover+

A klutz with all things electronic? You may need added protection. The Protective Cover+ gives you a thick case that surrounds the entire body of the device to give it that extra layer of protection, in 5 different colors.


With 2 speakers in each earphone, a woofer and a tweeter speaker, giving you "premium Hi-Fi sound experience". This means you’ll have a very balanced sound in any type of music you hear. The headset also has volume and playback controls.

Extra Battery Kit

An extra battery is always a life-saver. With this extra battery kit, you can carry around a spare battery instead of a charging cable or device. It’s also fitted in a nice sturdy box to ensure its safety when you carry it around.

Heart Rate Monitor

Great for runners and sport enthusiasts who want to fully record their heart rate in real-time and wire the statistics to the S4. Perfect for health fans, speaking of which…

Body Scale

… here is a great one for weight watchers. This body scale can send your daily weight to your Galaxy S4 via bluetooth, allowing you track your weight history through a period of time via your S Health 2.0 app. Supports up to 7 family members.

More Accessories

Snugg Ultra Thin Case Cover

Available in black and white, this lightweight case is made of a non-slip material and gives you access to the camera and all the ports.

Mujjo Galaxy S4 Sleeve

This hand-crafted sleeve made from top-grain 100% vegetable-tanned leather is easy to clean and water repellent which is why their quality products have gained much recognition on the Internet. [$45.47]

Belkin Grip Sheer Matte Case

The Grip Series Belkin cases are made of semi-flexible, shock-absorbent plastic for your device. It covers up the buttons to protect it from damage but leaves the headphone, microphone, camera and charging ports open for easy access. This is a 2-pack case with the colors black and white to be shared with your loved ones. [$34.99]

Belkin Micra Folio Case

Similar to Samsung’s Flip Case, this one has the ability to keep business or credit cards in the inner pocket of the front cover. In addition to that, the back is also protected with easy access to all your ports. The case comes in the colors of Black or Rose. [$34.99]

Belkin Micra Glam Matte Case

This matte case is slightly translucent and has a metallic finish that gives it a sparkly look. Comes in 4 colors: Sorbet (Orangey-Red), Topaz (Sky Blue), Clear and Blacktop (Black). [$29.99]

Belkin Pocket Case

The soft microfiber lining inside the case does not leave scratches on your screen. It features a pull-tab for easy removal. An extra compartment at the front allows you to store business or credit cards for even lighter travels. [$24.99]

Belkin Slim-Fit Armband

This Slim-Fit Armband fully protects your device from any sort of bad weather conditions and is made out of comfortable, breathable neoprene material. There is also a storage area for long earphones cables on the arm strap for those who like to work with music on. [$34.99]