15 Creative Examples of Hadouken Photography

What will happen if humans suddenly have superpowers? Lots of people will be blown away, as first demonstrated by some Japanese high school girls photographing themselves receiving the Makankosappo, a destructive energy wave that throws victims a few feet back.

The world then adopted the trend, showing off their own version of Makankosappo in social media, and even spawning variations in the form of Kamehameha and Hadouken memes.

(Image Source: Tricycle Studios Blog)

You can learn the Hadouken too! It only takes a camera and a magical pose. Here in 15 amazingly choreographed photos, you can observe how to position yourself as the blaster, and as the victims. Choose your victims well: friends, colleagues or whoever’s bored, and have a slamming good tme hadouken-ing them away!

Makankosappo. So it all started here, a high-school girl casting Makankosappo blows her innocent classmates away. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Ground Makankosappo. Watch how the energy wave blasts its way into the ground then bounce back upwards into the victims. The advantage is you get an AoE (Area of Effect) damage. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

OPR Hadouken. Make no mistake, failure will not be tolerated. If bosses get this superpower, we are all doomed! (Image Source: Ogilvy PR/London)

Mad Coordinator. Just another regular day in office. She looks creepily calm, in spite of the damage she is unleashing. (Image Source: GannettLocal)

Double Hadouken. Thumbs up for the retro visual FX! (Image Source: New Politics)

Straight Into the Heart I love the victim’s face expression, but I’m more curious about how the levitating caster will land. (Image Source: Anatoleya)

Rammy Hadouken. Yep, no students are injured during this cast. Only the teacher who gave too much homework right before the summer holidays. (Image Source: Suffolk University)

Wedding Hadouken. You can tell she is going to love her long long time. It’s that or another hadouken! (Image Source: Rob Moors)

Sunset Hadouken. Definitely the most beautifully done Hadouken ever. Get nature in on the game! (Image Source: CAPCOM)

Practice Hadouken. Practice makes perfect, and Carrie Keagan is keen on it. (Image Source: NY Daily News)

Am I Doing It Right? The more skilled you are, the less effort you need to exert. He even has a tie on! (Image Source: Harvey Perlman)

Foursquare Hadouken. Too fast for the camera. (Image Source: Zack Davenport)

Ustream QA Hadouken. Full mark on the pose, the particle effect, and the sweet smile (evil in its purest form) on the face. (Image Source: SeSam)

Tricycle Hadouken. Well isn’t that a bit OP (overpower)? (Image Source: Tricycle Studios Blog)

Grasshopper Hadouken. It’s not necessarily for victims to take it from the front, take note. (Image Source: Grasshopper)

Have you done the Hadouken meme before? Share to us how you blast your victims away!