Retro Game Characters Invading Our Real Life [PICS]

If you grew up in the ’90s, you won’t want to miss this post. It’s sure to bring back a flood of fun childhood memories!

Characters like Super Mario, Megaman, Super Metroid, and Donkey Kong have been spotted in the real world! It might sound chaotic, but it’s also a world that could be a lot of fun. Take a look at these photos and see if you agree!

More chaos awaits you below.

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Advance Wars

What would retro game characters do if they came to life? Probably invade us! This artwork is incredibly lifelike.

Advance Wars Artwork
Beep Beep Coming Through

Mario Kart takes a spin through historical Tiananmen Square. No offense intended!

Mario Kart in Tiananmen Square
Donkey Kong Country New Jungle

This Donkey Kong artwork is incredibly realistic, almost like the real thing!

Donkey Kong Country New Jungle
Doom: The Last Stand

This Doom artwork must have taken a lot of Photoshop skills. It looks like a scene straight from the game!

Doom: The Last Stand

Imagine Excitebike in real life! I’d travel just to see it. Kudos to the creator.

Excitebike in real life
Mario Kart

Is this the future of 3D gaming? It’s amazing!

Mario Kart in 3D
Off the Dirt Track

One small character makes this photo epic.

Off the Dirt Track game character
Koopa Beach

I’d love to know where this beach is, or any beach where Koopa exists.

Koopa Beach game scene
Final Fantasy 6

The already epic Final Fantasy 6 just got even more epic with this real-life scene. Thanks, BITMOB!

Final Fantasy 6 in real life
Keeping the Mean Streets Clean

The background complements the theme perfectly, enhancing the realistic shadows.

Keeping the Mean Streets Clean
Mega Alexanderplatz Man

Outstanding work by Zavadzky! I wonder where the next mission will take place.

Mega Alexanderplatz Man
Ninja Gaiden

The creator has an exceptional talent for crafting epic game scenes.

Ninja Gaiden
Retro Field

RETROnoob brilliantly brings Super Mario to life. The sprites are positioned so well, making every part of the photo captivating!

Retro Field
Retro Lake

Experience the world through the eyes of Super Mario and his foes. The castle on the mountain is truly a masterpiece.

Retro Lake
Retro Desert

How about taking a trip through a desert featuring the iconic 8-bit angry sun from classic games? You’re sure to stay entertained!

Retro Desert with 8-bit Angry Sun
Retro Destiny “LoZ”

The shadows in this artwork really enhance its cool factor.

Retro Destiny Legend of Zelda
Space Invaders

Check out this adorable and intricately designed invader by Quest007! It’s almost as if they’re inviting us to let them take over Earth.

Cute Space Invaders
Space Invaders: Eiffel Tower

Here’s another stunning depiction of Space Invaders attacking Earth, featuring the Eiffel Tower. The color scheme is truly captivating.

Space Invaders Attacking Eiffel Tower
Street Fighter

If Street Fighter characters were to come to life, Kung Fu would definitely gain more popularity. It would be absolutely amazing!

Street Fighter Characters
Hundred Hand Slap

This artwork is both funny and lifelike. I’m curious about how much effort the artist put into creating it.

Hundred Hand Slap Artwork
Super Metroid

This artwork uses a different approach by focusing on the game’s background rather than the character.

Super Metroid Artwork
Super Metroid: Going Stealth

Samus attacks in a unique and stylish manner. The photo manipulation here is truly impressive.

Super Metroid: Going Stealth Artwork
Track & Field

“You’d struggle to keep up with Bolt using the joystick,” says Gar0.

Track & Field Artwork
The Turned

What sets this artwork apart is that it’s not digitally altered; it’s an 8-bit cosplay by ChozoBoy in real life! Check out the author’s gallery to see how it was made.

The Turned Artwork
Samus Vs. Minecraft II

This photo is so well-done that it’s hard to tell the 8-bit characters from the real-life ones. The weapon held by the third guy is especially cool.

Samus Vs. Minecraft II Artwork


These reimagined pieces of art really take me back to the good old days of gaming! I think many gamers would agree that this was the golden era of gaming. Back then, it was all about fun gameplay rather than just flashy graphics. Of course, this is just my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed these creative pieces as much as I did! A big shoutout to the artists behind them. If you’ve captured a game character in your real-life adventures, we’d love to see it. Keep the creativity coming; we can’t get enough!