Film Noir: 30 Dark And Cold Digital Artworks

Film noir is one of the most easily recognizable types of films which is widely known for their black and white visuals, their use of shadows and silhouettes, the hard-boiled characters, the anti-heroes and their deceiving leading ladies.

(Image Source: AdoC)

Spiced with the usual array of violence, guns, booze and a lot of cigarettes, film noir is also one of the most stylish forms of cinema in the world. Sadly, Noirs aren’t made that often anymore, although several neo-noir films have been released over the past few decades.

We know how awesome it is, therefore we are willing to share to you a collection of 30 very cool digital artworks inspired from film noir. Enjoy the cold darkness that silences everything else in the world.

A Taste of Noir Blue. (Image Source: Rickbw1)

Detective Patfield. (Image Source: 2dforever)

The Maltese Owl. (Image Source: anotherwanderer)

Noir. (Image Source: AdoC)

Dames and Dandies – Monochrome. (Image Source: Cody-Church)

The Waiting Game. (Image Source: Thykka)

City View. (Image Source: DarioCoelho)

Gangster in the Rain. (Image Source: Danwhitedesigns)

Dark City. (Image Source: kotagiri)

Walking Alone. (Image Source: Pspynett)

Film Noir. (Image Source: kyvie)

Noir City. (Image Source: Harri Tusa)

Noir Cityscape. (Image Source: Don Cameron)

Film Noir Bathroom. (Image Source: Chase Bickel)

Film Noir Look. (Image Source: Uday Kadkade)

Photographic Film Noir. (Image Source: Lucas Deve)

Cold Blooded. (Image Source: HOON)

Detective. (Image Source: Sereneworx)

Investigation. (Image Source: overdrivezero)

Gamble. (Image Source: DualProdigy)

The Singer. (Image Source: DualProdigy)

The Driver. (Image Source: DualProdigy)

Smoker. (Image Source: Paper-pulp)

The Passenger. (Image Source: W-Orks)

Film Noir Detective. (Image Source: igrayne01)

Kiss of Noir. (Image Source: d9studios)

Tokyo in Noir. (Image Source: Fr4gster)

Breathe Again. (Image Source: Rozzers)

NOIROMANCER BW EXP. (Image Source: Rickbw1)

Noir Christmas. (Image Source: Rickbw1)