Retro and Vintage Christmas Ads of Yesteryears

Every year, Christmas is a remarkable event- it turns cities into landscapes of red, green and gold. Streets are adorned with elaborate decorations; billboards and walls are plastered with colorful ads pitching their wares as Christmas presents.

Nowadays, we are bombarded with print ads of tasty treats, branded wears and of course, the hottest tech gadgets; but did you know that old, yellowed ads of three to seven decades ago are mostly promoting household items, cigarettes and even guns?

Read on to see 30 vintage Christmas ads that’ll give you a taste of Christmas back in those days.

How Old Computer Advertisements Look Like

How Old Computer Advertisements Look Like

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Atari’s Video Games

Can I tick all the boxes please?

Source: reware vintage

Atari's Video Games
Westinghouse’s Tan for Christmas

Grab everyone’s attention on Christmas with a healthy sun-kissed tan.

Source: Jon Williamson

It’s Time for Christmas!

It’s that time again for Santa to be everyone’s special delivery man!

Source: Bamboo Trading

Time for Christmas
Thanks for the Coca-Cola, Jimmy

Now that’s a good kid! Santa will be happy to have your Coke and leave more presents for you!

Source: The Coca-Cola Company

Dear Jimmy's Coca-Cola
Christmas with Coca-Cola

Bingo! Have a Coke before climbing up that chimney again.

Source: Captain Geoffrey Spaulding

Christmas with Coca-Cola
Hat’s Off to Coca-Cola

Santa’s truly refreshed with his Coca-Cola. He’s even taken off his trademark hat.

Source: The Coca-Cola Company

Hat's Off to Coca-Cola
Santa and the Kids

Cheers to the clever poodle!

Source: The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola's Santa and the Kids
Santa and the SpriteBoy

Now, Santa’s happily gulping Coca-Cola and SpriteBoy’s doing the deliveries.

Source: The Coca-Cola Company

Santa and Sprite Boy
Stock up on Coca-Cola for Christmas

Or else you won’t have any left by Christmas because Santa’ll be swiping it off your fridge.

Source: Vintage Ad Browser

Stock up on Coca-Cola for Christmas
Everyone Wants the New Toastmaster

Santa: I’ve got to update the gift list again!

Source: Jon Williamson

Everyone Wants the New Toastmaster
GE’s Toaster

If you think about it, Santa’s only ever busy when Christmas is around the corner.

Source: Jon Williamson

GE's Toaster
GE’s Cleaner

Best way to drop a hint for a Christmas gift: Slip a mini model of the object of your heart’s desire in his pocket.

Source: saltycotton

GE's Cleaner
Crisco’s Christmas Cake

Yes, we need that extra one inch of sweet goodness for Christmas!

Source: sugarpie honeybunch

How to get a Remington for Christmas

Awesome. I’m going to leave the whole ad on Mom’s table and see what I’ll get for Christmas.

Source: dayid

Colt’s Guns

And I thought nobody would remember.

Colt's Guns

Source: ericritter

Lucky Ciggies for Christmas

For Lucky smokers, they only pay attention to that last part.

Source: Jon Williamson

Lucky's Cigarettes
Santa Smoking Pall Mall

Getting Santa to convince people about which smoke is milder and guards against throat scratch. Those were the days.

Source: Jon Williamson

Pall Mall
Ronald Reagan Sends His Chesterfields

It’s not every day you get to see a former president help cell cigarretes. Well, not anymore.

Source: x-ray delta one

War Bonds for Christmas

We’ve ran out of war bonds. What about cash instead?

Source: Vintage Ad Browser

Mrs. Santa Claus’ Ironing Table

Looks like Mrs. Santa Claus is equally popular during Christmas!

Source: wardomatic

Rid-Jid Ironing Table
Eveready is Ready for Christmas

Santa needs that flashlight so he won’t bump into things when he’s stuffing stockings at midnight.

Source: tortuga2010

Toyland’s Toys

We are never too old for toys and games.

Source: Plan59

Toyland's Toys
7-up Family Pack for Christmas

Yep, only a 24-pack can quench everybody’s thirst on Christmas.

Source: sugarpie honeybunch

7-up Family Pack for Christmas
7-Up Likes You!

Santa likes 7-Up so much he’s loaded his sled with a gigantic bottle!

Source: Plan59

Acme’s Cowboy Boots

Even Santa is getting hippie, with help from these cowboy boots.

Source: densby

Acme's Cowboy Boots
Budweiser’s Nothing Like It

Nothing like sharing beer and good food with buddies on Christmas.

Source: alsis35

My True Love Gave Me Smith-Corona

Not exactly the most romantic Christmas present, but it’s good to have a practical gift for a change.

Source: Jon Williamson

My True Love Gave Me Smith-Corona
Grandma Snider’s Catsup

Yes, super tomatoes make super Catsup! Wait, isn’t it called ketchup

Source: Jon Williamson

Grandma Snider's Catsup
Rent a TV from D.E.R. for Christmas

Best Christmas moment: When the whole family is huddled together doing something, anything, even if it’s just watching TV.

Source: jbcurio

Rent a TV from D.E.R. for Christmas
Borg’s Bath Scale

Don’t worry about that weight, have a great Christmas feast!

Source: sugarpie honeybunch

Borg's Bath Scale