40 Creative Remakes of The World Map

Ask any student in the world what their favorite subject in school is and you’d hardly find Geography in the answers. The study of the geographical and physical features of the Earth as we know it can hardly hold a candle to Music, the Sciences, Astronomy or Arts and Design for a variety of reasons, which is a shame since many of the great discoveries of new lands came to be because of the existence of maps.

The World Map in itself is always morphing through the centuries as great civilizations fall and give way to smaller independent nations. Today the World Map can be regenerated to feature the languages we speak in common, the religions and idealogies we adopt, by landscape, time zones etc.

Accuracies aside, there is a great deal of creative maps (like the one shown above) out there that depict this beautiful world we live in, all across the Web. We have pulled together 40 Creative Remakes of World Maps to share with you today. Name your favorite version on this list, and off it, in the comments section.

Magic World Map. A magical remake of the continents of the world. (Image Source: CreativeDesign)

Magic World Map

Butterflies World Map. A myriad of colours in the form of mini butterflies outline the landmasses and islands scattered across the world. (Image Source: artPause)

Butterflies World Map

Artistic Map. I feel like the scene is going to break out into song any time now. (Image Source: DesignFlute)

Artistic Map

Map of The World. Can’t help feeling that this beautiful mash of orange and blue should be on a wall somewhere. (Image Source: Evilpainter)

Map of The World

Map of The World 2010. Even potential mural art needs an update. (Image Source: Evilpainter)

Map of The World 2010

World Map Abstract Paint. Technically it’s abstract art if you can’t get it, but who cares about technicalities when it’s beautiful. (Image Source: Michael Tompsett)

World Map Abstract Paint

The World As We Know. A funny jab at what each part of the world has to offer – although I’m not sure that you get lions for real from Madagascar. (Image Source: Osama Hajjaj)

The World As We Know

World Map. A cute version that would be a great addition to classrooms. (Image Source: Laila Hills)

World Map

Super Mario World Map. One for the gamers. (Image Source: Ian Gibson )

Super Mario World Map

World Beer Map. Like the name says, it’s the World, according to beer. (Image Source: Pure Travel)

World Beer Map

The World. I didn’t know igloos have antennas! (Image Source: Paul Thurlby)

The World

Map of the Caribbean. Aww man, this is a beauty. (Image Source: SARA DRAKE)

Religions World Map. A beautiful map of religions practiced in the world. (Image Source: St.Peterburg)

Religions world map

One World. Before you judge, take a closer look at the individual units that make up this artwork. Yes, they are flags! (Image Source: Genista)

One World

Moustache World Map. Like a Sir. (Image Source: thepixelprince)

Moustache World Map

World Flags Inside Candies. This will be a hit with the kids if the candies were real. Still a very nice artwork, nonetheless. (Image Source: cooldesignvn)

World Flags Inside Candies

Fedex: MAP. For Fedex, they see business everywhere. (Image Source: FedEx Corporation)

Fedex: MAP

Facebook World Map. Still don’t think that Facebook is trying to take over the world? (Image Source: Paul Butler)

Facebook World Map

Typographic World Map Night. There are two things featured here, the world at night (hence the dots of lights all over) and their country name spelt out across their territory. (Image Source: vladstudio)

Typographic World Map Night

Cats Map of the World. What can I say? It’s the World Map built by silhouettes of cats! (Image Source: artPause)

Cats Map of the World

Inverted Map. So this is what the Earth looks like when it is only 30% water. (Image Source: DM9JaymeSyfu)

Inverted Map

Tangram Abstract World Map. Reminds you a bit of origami, doesn’t it? Actually these are Chinese puzzles called tangrams, and they make a mean-looking world map. (Image Source: Michael Tompsett)

Tangram Abstract World Map

World Map Metro Style. I wonder how long it’ll take to get from Paris to China by the tube. (Image Source: artpause)

World Map Metro Style

Hexagonal World Map. Maybe this is how bees build their worlds in their hives. (Image Source: The Man in Blue)

Hexagonal World Map

Dots World Map. A little rough around the edges but still a very convincing world map. (Image Source: sNowFleikuN)

World Map of Patient-to-Doctor Ratios. Note that the colours mean something as well. (Image Source: EuroRSCG Amsterdam)

World Map of Patient-to-Doctor Ratios

Country Codes of the World. Can you find yours in the mix? (Image Source: bytelevel)

Country Codes of the World

“WORLD MAP”. Looks like blueprints to me. (Image Source: Ogilvy Brasil)

WORLD MAP Print Ad for Matchbox

“Map”. ‘It’s a small world if you’re a wild animal. 89.2% of the world belongs to humans. Nature is left with 10.8%.’ (Image Source: Grey South Africa)


World Map Tattoo. Nothing says I love the world more than a permanent mark like a tattoo. (Image Source: Lauren Calton)

World Map Tattoo

World Map Body Art. Take two. (Image Source: littleholly23)

World Map Body Art

Bean Map. Even beans want to have a piece of the action. (Image Source: Alex Bramwell)

Bean Map

‘World’. Here’s a world map made of recycled computer components. I wonder what they will think of next! (Image Source: Susan Stockwell)


Feed The World. This one is made with rice grains. (Image Source: Name)

Feed The World

The World, Dubai. It’s a world of islands depicting the world. (Image Source: Nakheel)

The World, Dubai

Peel That Tangerine. When life gives you tangerine… (Image Source: stuffofawesome)

Peel That Tangerine

The World in A Drop of Water. I bet you don’t often see this on your window pane every other day. (Image Source: ZARKANZAR)

Kaffe. At least the spilt coffee didn’t go to waste. (Image Source: Erik Johansson)


Apple Globe. Don’t you wish you could spin this so you can see the other side of the globe? (Image Source: Kevin Van Aelst)

Apple Globe

World Cow. When random patches are too mainstream, go global with it. (Image Source: nextnature)

World Cow