20 Inspiring Websites with Unique Geometry Elements

Although, the argument that most internet users today are always “on-the-go” and are more concerned with getting things done in the fastest and easiest way possible is quite plausible, “creatives” would hardly agree with the idea of forgoing uniqueness and aesthetics for predictability.

For this reason, contemporary designers are taking a 45 degree turn when it comes to flat design, and improvising with unique angles and shapes. Instead of treating every image, slideshow, thumbnail, slider, carousel, or module as a “box” or a rectangle, designers have tweaked the predictable form of design into eccentric, yet unique-looking shapes.

Who says responsive design always has to be about white spaces and bare-minimum square and rectangles? We all want our audience to think of our website as worthy of a second look. Check out these uniquely angled and shaped design concepts created by designers who were able to “think outside the box”.

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Perspectivewoodworks.com- 45° Perspective in Woodworks.

Instead of logs and boxes, this site design took a 45 degree turn and created a new perspective.

geometry in web design
Zweiradbachmann.de- Zig-Zag

Bicycle repair services don’t need boring website designs. This one looks all powered up to go with slants, zig-zags and diamond shapes.

geometry in web design
Irontoiron.com – Diamond Grids

Owned by a designer and developer duo, iron to iron is a unique design that rids webpages of traditional squares and boxes and replaces them with circles and diamonds instead.

Designergleb.com- Rare Diamond Site

It’s a website created purely in one big diamond shape. That’s a unique perspective.

geometry in web design
Rallyinteractive.com – Triangle Peep holes

Mouse over the triangles and you get to tilt the triangles a little to reveal a link to explore further.

Qoobroom.ru- Cubed Rooms

A Russian site that deliver dried flowers and artificial plants, this interesting design makes use of tilted boxes to deliver an “inside look” into a room with plants.

geometry in web design
wybieramyklienta.pl- Pentagonic Theme

This is one design you should click in to check out.

geometry in web design
Bevisionare.com- A bit of Everything Plus V

V for Vision, and a dash of every major polygonal shape available, this site’s design is a nice detachment from the norm.

geometry in web design
Vonvape.com- Keep It V

Two V’s, one inverted, make the gist of the design for this particular website and its logo.

geometry in web design
Unfold.no – Diagonally Aesthetic

Who needs sidebars? Scroll through this uniquely angled site to try out a diagonal approach to design.

geometry in web design
Skidpasset.se- Simple Slanted Filters

A lighter version but similar to the previous example, here’s a less edgier but still intriguing twist to the diagonal approach.

geometry in web design
Builtbybuffalo.com- Hexagon Windows

The site’s liberal use of hexagons gives a fresh look into the team and their working environment.

geometry in web design
Joycevherck.com- Wild Triangles

Design doesn’t need to be orderly and organized. Sometimes going wild has some pleasant results.

geometry in web design
Themelantic.com- Bubble Pop

Galleries shouldn’t be confined to square and rectangle boxes. Circles do just fine too.

geometry in web design
Tofutask.com- Floating Diamonds

It’s minimal, flat, subtle and the center design for the whole site.

geometry in web design
Anet-design.cz – Colorful Hexagons

Splash the site with bright colors and sharp hexagons for categories.

geometry in web design
Lisher.net- 5 Distinct Shapes

Simple, minimal yet fully utilizing plenty of distinct shape choices.

geometry in web design
Nasty-creatures.com- The Blob Monster

No shapes, no sides, the natural blob takes the limelight in this design.

geometry in web design
Visionaryvanguard.org- Diamonds & Abstract

Abstract designs are hard to pull off. This warrants this website a visit.

geometry in web design
Gorohov.name- Honeycomb Hexagons

A cute and simple ode to the natural honeycomb design, here’s a site that does not pull back on its use of colors as well.

geometry in web design