Streamline Your Team Communication with Zulip: A Review

Zulip is an open-source team chat platform created to provide teams with a more efficient and organized way to communicate. It offers a range of unique features that set it apart from other team chat applications, making it an excellent choice for organizations of all sizes.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Zulip’s features, as well as its pros and cons, to help you determine whether it’s the right team chat platform for your organization.

Zulip's UI

Zulip’s Features:

Threaded Conversations

Zulip’s unique threading model is perhaps its most notable feature. Rather than organizing conversations by channels or groups, Zulip organizes conversations by topics. This means that users can easily follow specific threads of discussion rather than being overwhelmed by a single, long-running conversation.

Zulip's threaded conversations

This feature is especially useful for teams that need to manage multiple projects or ongoing discussions simultaneously. It also makes it easier for new team members to get up to speed on previous conversations, as they can quickly search for and find specific topics.

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Zulip offers integrations with a range of popular tools and services, including GitHub, Jira, and Asana. This means that teams can receive notifications and updates from these tools directly within Zulip, making it easier to stay up-to-date on project progress and collaborate more effectively.

Zulip's integrations

In addition, Zulip supports a range of third-party integrations, including Zapier and IFTTT, which can be used to automate tasks and streamline workflows.

Customizable Notifications

Zulip allows users to customize their notifications based on their individual needs and preferences. This means that users can choose to receive notifications for specific topics or conversations or set up custom notification rules based on keywords, mentions, or other criteria.

Zulip's custom notifications

This feature is especially useful for teams that need to stay up-to-date on specific projects or tasks while minimizing distractions from other conversations or notifications.

Multi-Platform Support

Zulip is available as a web application and also has desktop and mobile apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. This means that users can access their conversations and notifications from any device, making it easy to stay connected and collaborate on the go.


Efficient and Organized Communication: Zulip’s threading model helps to keep conversations organized and easy to follow. This means that team members can focus on specific topics or projects without being overwhelmed by unrelated conversations or distractions.

Customizable Notifications: Zulip’s customizable notifications allow users to stay up-to-date on important conversations and topics while minimizing distractions from other conversations or notifications.

Integrations: Zulip’s integrations with popular tools and services make it easy to collaborate and stay up-to-date on project progress without switching between different applications or platforms.

Multi-Platform Support: Zulip’s availability on multiple platforms makes it easy for teams to stay connected and collaborate from any device, whether they’re in the office or on the go.


Learning Curve: Zulip’s unique threading model may take some time for new users to get used to, especially if they’re used to other team chat applications that organize conversations by channels or groups.

Limited Customization: While Zulip’s notifications can be customized to some extent, there are limits to how much users can customize their notifications and interface.

Limited User Base: Zulip’s user base is relatively small compared to other team chat applications, which may limit its usefulness for teams that need to collaborate with external partners or clients.


In conclusion, Zulip is an excellent team chat platform that offers a range of unique features designed to make team communication more efficient and organized. Its threading model, customizable notifications, integrations, and multi-platform support make it an ideal choice for teams of all sizes, especially those that need to manage multiple projects or ongoing discussions simultaneously.

While there may be a learning curve for new users and limited customization options, the benefits of using Zulip far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Additionally, Zulip’s open-source nature means that its source code is freely available and can be modified to meet the specific needs of individual organizations. Overall, Zulip is an excellent choice for teams that want to streamline communication and improve collaboration, making it a valuable addition to any organization’s toolkit.