Create Simple Promo Videos Easily with Wordance

Wordance is a free online tool that transforms your plain text into captivating, music-synced promotional videos in just minutes. It’s completely free to use. All you need to do is provide the text, choose a theme, and let Wordance work its magic.


On the editor screen, you have the freedom to further customize your video by altering the background, adjusting font styles and sizes, and more, all before exporting your final masterpiece.

We’ve experimented with this user-friendly tool, and here’s a walkthrough on creating simple promo videos using Wordance.

To begin, simply hit the “Generate a Video Now” button on the Wordance homepage.

Homepage Generate Video Button

First, type in the text or content you want your promo video to display.

Input Text for Video

Then, choose the background music. Hit the play button to preview the tunes. After that, click “Generate a Video.”

Background Music Selection

A basic version of the promo video will be created, displaying your text across various frames. Feel free to edit the text or divide it into different frames as you like.

Edit Promo Video Frames

Customize each frame by styling the text and background color to suit your needs. If you want a consistent style across all frames, click “Apply to All.”

Apply Style to All Frames

Want to add some motion? Click on the animation icon and select from one of the five different animation styles currently available.

Select Animation Styles

If you’d like to remove the Wordance icon in the top left corner of the video, click the water drop icon and toggle it off. Here, you can also add your own logo.

Add Brand Logo

Adjust the canvas size to fit the social media platform where you plan to post.

Adjust Canvas Size

Finally, when you’re satisfied, just click “Export“.

Export Video

You can export the video in MP4 format, with resolutions up to 4K.

Export Video Options

Final Thoughts

Wordance appears to be a user-friendly online tool for creating simple promotional videos quickly and easily. The process is straightforward: users input their text, select a theme and background music, and then use the editor to customize their video with various fonts, colors, and animations. At the moment, I think there is still a lot of room for improvements for the said tool, such as:

  • Expanding the selection of fonts
  • Enabling the importation of personal music, sounds, and brief video clips
  • Providing customization options for the duration of each frame

Overall, Wordance stands out as an ideal solution for those in search of an effortless method to produce straightforward yet impactful promotional videos, all while bypassing the complexities of advanced video editing techniques.