YouTube VR is now available for Daydream-ready smartphones

Explore the world of virtual reality on your smartphone with YouTube VR Daydream. Learn how to use this app and enjoy immersive experiences.

With the Daydream View now available for purchase, Google has decided to release YouTube VR for anyone who owns a Daydream-ready smartphone and Google’s VR headset.

The first thing you’ll notice about YouTube VR is the user interface which Google has designed with VR in mind. While navigating the app is very straightforward, the company has designed the UI to give it that “VR feel” that many people talk about. One such example is that moving your head around will cause the menu to shift around.

youtube vr demo

Functionality-wise, YouTube VR is very much like the standard YouTube app. Signing into the application will grant you access to all of your subscribed channels and playlists. Features such as voice search have also been ported over, making the app instantly familiar to those who use the YouTube app frequently.

As a VR-based video streaming service needs VR-videos to showcase its potential, Google has prepared the 360 Degree Videos channel. This channel is filled with numerous 360-degree videos produced by a number of different YouTube creators. As the videos cover a variety of topics, users can choose to view videos to suit their interests.

youtube vr videos

If you wish to watch your regular YouTube videos on YouTube VR, doing so will put you in “theater mode”. This mode simulates the experience of watching a movie in a cinema.

Before you get too excited, do note that YouTube VR is available only on Daydream-ready devices. As of the time of writing, this means you’ll need to own both the Pixel and the Daydream View headset.

If you don’t have any desire to own a Pixel, you can opt to wait a little as Daydream-ready devices from other manufacturers are expected to hit the market soon. Once these devices are out, you’ll only need to purchase a Daydream View to experience YouTube VR.