6 Firefox Add-Ons to Improve Your YouTube Viewing Experience

YouTube has grown so much over the years, becoming a social media giant. But it doesn’t mean that they’re perfect. Most of us are sick and tired of dealing with those mildly-infuriating distractions and hindrances on the platform. That’s why we recommend getting these Firefox add-ons if you want to get the best experience on YouTube.

I promise that after this, you will have a smooth-sailing experience.

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10 YouTube Chrome Extensions for Better Watching Experience

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1. SponsorBlock


You’ve probably experienced delays and interruptions when watching a YouTube video. From annoyingly long intros to sponsorships and their constant reminder to hit the Subscribe, Like, and the Notification bell. It can be a pain in the neck and sometimes makes you want to skip the video entirely.

Thankfully, SponsorBlock is a Firefox add-on that you can use to help alleviate this issue. It will highlight different segments on the video, letting you know in advance that an intro or other unrelated topic will insert into the video that you’re watching.

You can just then decide whether to keep watching or to skip all those unnecessary parts of the video.

2. Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper is another Firefox add-on downloader that allows users to download videos and photos not only from YouTube but from other websites as well. Even though YouTube lets you save videos on a specific device to watch for later, there’s a limit to it. You can’t tamper with it nor have access to it across other devices.

Since YouTube doesn’t allow its users to download videos and share them offline, having this add-on will come in handy.

3. YouTube Video and Audio Downloader WebX

YouTube Video and Audio Downloader WebX

This one is a bit similar to Video Download Helper but not quite since it offers additional features, and it’s much simpler and easy to use.

This Firefox add-on will let you download videos and audios straight from YouTube and even allows you to convert an mp4 to mp3 and other formats.

4. YouTube NonStop

YouTube NonStop

YouTube NonStop lets you play your favorite music and videos on loop without needing to get back to your computer every few minutes or so.

It’s simple yet very useful. Especially when you want to focus on your work while playing some relaxing music in the background or when you’re exercising while listening to motivational music. The bottom line is a pretty solid app if you’re that kind of person who prefers to have something playing in the background while doing something else.

This extension works on YouTube and YouTube Music.

5. AdBlocker for YouTube

AdBlocker for YouTube

We’ve all had that experience while watching a video on YouTube when suddenly, an ad appears right before the important part of the video. If you can relate, you’re probably excited to know that you can get rid of all those pesky ads without paying for YouTube Premium.

This extension works wonders, and you’ll finally be able to watch those videos uninterrupted!

6. Unhook


Just like the name implies, Unhook removes recommended videos, comments, and other related content, keeping you from getting distracted. Oftentimes, when you’re browsing on YouTube looking for specific information and a guide, you come across a content recommendation that looks interesting but unrelated to what you need. And you end up clicking on it, and to the next one, wasting time, without you even realizing it.

With the help of this extension, you can avoid unnecessary distractions, allowing you to stay focused and on track.


Extensions or add-ons can be described as an app for the Firefox browser’s environment. They allow you to customize it, extend its function, and make your overall experience better. Some add-ons or extensions out there are just so useful that they are a must-have for a better browsing experience online, including of course your experience when watching videos on YouTube.

What’s your favorute Firefox Add-on for YouTube?