Top 20 Metro Apps for Windows 8

Windows 8 with all its glossy design and built-to-ease features is out for more than two months. You might have upgraded to the new product from Microsoft or maybe still making up your mind to buy Windows 8. In either of the case, it is Metro UI and full-screen apps, which will make you, switch to Windows 8.

Apps are what make up your system; they let you do your tasks, maintain the system’s performance and integrity, and help and ease your work. As apps are so important, a good choice of apps is necessary for anyone. Therefore, here is a list of top 20 apps for your Windows 8, chosen from the best, for the best!

File Brick

File Brick is a powerful file manager for the touch interface. Browse and access your files and folders in a simple yet beautiful interface.

You can browse the files in your local and external drives and also, the cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, SkyDrive, Facebook, etc.


Goals is a task management app that can make you keep track of your goals or tasks. You can save your goals and this app will do its best to encourage you to complete your goals.


flow.timer is a social time tracking app, i.e., a task tracking system suitable for use by a single person or multiple persons, e.g., a team or a company working together on a project. It eases the collaboration with other people on a project.

Format Converter X

Format Converter X is an audio and video converter for Windows 8. You can convert multiple audio and video formats to other formats using this app.

format converter x

Type Speed

Type Speed helps you check and improve your typing. It has easy-to-learn lessons on typing that will help you increase your typing speed and accuracy.

Bitcasa Infinite Storage

Bitcasa Infinite Storage provides infinite cloud storage for all of your data needs. You can sync your whole hard disk to their servers for free!

bitcasa infinite storage

Digital Diary

Digital Diary is a digitized version of the old-styled text diary. You can use it to write daily diary, save photos, memorize events, etc.


Fhotoroom is a professional photo-editing app designed for the touch interface. It offers many advanced image-editing tools, e.g., styles, frames, etc. along with providing the basic features such as crop, brush, exposure, colors, resize, etc.

Bitdefender Insight

Bidefender Insight updates you about latest security and vulnerability news along with giving some tips on how to keep your system protected. It also offers an interface to check the security status of Bitdefender products installed on your other systems.


iHeartRadio is the app you were looking for, if you are addicted to online radio stations. It has over fifteen hundred of radio stations for you to choose from, and much more features to draw your attention.

TeamViewer Touch

TeamViewer Touch brings the power of remote control to Windows 8’s touch interface. You can easily control other computers (even behind firewalls) and be careless about the security as it uses highest security standard.

teamviewer touch

ToolBox for Windows 8

ToolBox for Windows 8 lets you do many tasks on the same screen by dividing the screen into various areas and running one tool in one area.

It offers many tools to run simultaneously such as web browser, Facebook, clock, weather, calculator, paint, etc.


Line is re-designed for Windows 8’s user interface offering all of its chat features. The line is a free app for making text or video chats online.

Line is not only a chat app but can also be used to send text, voice, or video messages, and fun stickers (enhanced emoticons that can convey your feelings in a pleasing manner).


Xmarks is a bookmark manager developed to carry all of your bookmarks at one place. You can have your bookmarks from many of your browsers – all of them at one place for easy reach.


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Todo is a simple and intuitive task manager. It can be used to set and manage tasks and reminders. You can also opt to show the reminders on the live tile.


SplashID is a password manager built for the Windows 8. It is easy, secure, and manageable. You can arrange your credentials in categories and types. SplashID uses AES and Blowfish 256-bit encryption to keep your secrets as secrets.

Windows Store is still in its early days and hardly has hundreds of excellent apps. Touch screen apps optimized for small and large screens are the beauty of tech development visible in Windows 8.

However, there are many apps (as listed above) which will let you enjoy the new way of computing. Enjoy your new Windows!

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