How to Whistle to Answer Calls on Android

Chatting on the phone while driving is not only risky but also illegal in some regions. However, there are moments when you absolutely must answer a call or use apps while driving. The real hazard lies in fumbling with your phone when your focus should be on the road and your hands on the wheel.

While iPhone users await a more robust built-in system, Android users have a solution in MotoAnswer.

MotoAnswer is more than just a car-mode app. It provides a user-friendly interface for quick one-touch dialing for up to 18 contacts and allows you to answer calls simply by whistling. No need to stretch across to swipe your phone anymore.

Get Started with MotoAnswer

MotoAnswer is compatible with any Android version 2.3.3 and above, ensuring smooth operation on most modern Android smartphones. Upon launching the app for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a wealth of information.

It’s advisable to read through the provided details to get a good grasp of the app’s capabilities.

MotoAnswer Introduction

After you’ve familiarized yourself, click the large green Go button at the bottom to access the app.

A pop-up window will appear, asking if you’d like to activate the whistle-to-answer feature and specifying the time frame before the app silences an incoming call. Don’t fret about your selections; you can modify them later.

MotoAnswer Pop-Up

The main menu offers additional features to tailor your experience further.

Utilizing MotoAnswer

MotoAnswer is a straightforward app with a specific purpose, yet it offers a decent range of options. Let’s delve into the main features of MotoAnswer.

The Driving Mode Dialer

MotoAnswer provides two kinds of Driving Mode dialers: one for quick access to up to 18 contacts and another for up to 9 of your favorite apps.

To activate Driving Mode and access these dialers, tap the icon next to the Driving Mode dialer label on the main screen. This action will switch the app to Driving Mode and reveal the dialers.

Driving Mode Dialers

Upon your first entry into Driving Mode, the contacts dialer will prompt to auto-populate contacts based on your most frequently dialed numbers.

If you prefer to add contacts manually, tap the Edit checkbox in the upper right corner to activate editing mode. In this mode, the circles will turn gold, allowing you to add or remove contacts as needed. The same applies to the app dialer.

The Force screen on option is available if you want the dialer to keep your smartphone’s screen active, especially if you’re anticipating a call. Additionally, you can set the app to automatically switch to Driving Mode when connected to a Bluetooth device in the Settings screen.

Answering Calls with a Whistle

The standout feature of MotoAnswer is the whistle-to-answer function. To enable it, tap the switch next to Answer incoming calls by whistling on the main screen.

Note that activating this feature will also automatically turn on your speakerphone when you answer a call by whistling.

To fine-tune this feature, navigate to the Settings screen and scroll down to the relevant section:

Whistle-to-Answer Settings

Here, you can adjust the time before your ringtone is silenced and select from five levels of whistle detection sensitivity.

You can also specify whether this feature activates only in Driving Mode and whether to disable noise cancellation.

Scheduling SMS Automatically

MotoAnswer also allows you to schedule and auto-send text messages when you’re unavailable. To access this feature, tap the switch next to the Schedule automatic SMS option.

Automatic SMS Scheduling

In this section, you can set an end time for the auto-SMS function, choose recipients, and decide on the content of the SMS. You can send these messages to all incoming calls, saved contacts, unsaved numbers, or a specific contact.

Although you have several options for the text content, note that the free version restricts message editing.

Automatic SMS Recipients and Content

Another option related to automatic SMS is available in the main Settings screen. Here, you can enable a prompt that asks you about activating automatic SMS every time you switch your phone to silent mode.

Final Thoughts

While MotoAnswer may not be the most feature-packed Android app, it excels in its niche as a car-mode app with added hands-free capabilities. The basic version is free, but a Pro version is available that removes ads and allows message editing for the Automatic SMS feature. One caveat: the app may not be for you if you can’t whistle.