Watch Videos on iMessages with Your Friends with This App

Remember Sharetube? The group video watching application that was made by Google’s internal incubator team now has a new challenger as Little Labs has released its own take on the app by way of Let’s Watch It!

Made as an iMessage app instead of a standalone app, Let’s Watch It! is functionally similar to UpTime. For one, the app lets you view YouTube videos together, all while interacting with one another through text chats, emojis and reactions.

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However, Let’s Watch It! also comes with features that UpTime does not have. For starters, Let’s Watch It! allows the group to view live streams on both YouTube Live and Twitch.

In addition to livestream support, Let’s Watch It! is also capable of taking advantage of the iOS device’s front-facing cameras and microphones. This allows the group viewing the video to interact more directly with one another, removing the limitations that a text-chat only application has.

Overall, Let’s Watch It! feels like a more sophisticated version of UpTime in terms of the features it has. That being said, the overall layout of the app feels a bit messier when compared to UpTime. Additionally, because Let’s Watch It! is built directly into iMessage, getting started is rather easier compared to UpTime.

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Much like UpTime, Let’s Watch It! is a free application, so those who are curious about the app can download it without needing to pay a single cent for it.