Tribute to Street Fighter: 55 Beautiful Artworks

If you are born around the 80’s, chances are this video game had been your favorite pass time, or maybe it still is. It’s been 23 years since world-renowned video game Street Fighter was released by Capcom. The series silently set the standards in fighting games genre and eventually became one of the highly successful franchise that continues to this day. Not many video game franchises have both the deep history and significance of Street Fighter today.

With so many interesting characters SF have, we picked those very famous ones. These Illustrations below are created by artists, professionals and fans around the world. You’ll see artworks portraying the Street Fighter cast in a wide array of styles and designs, from powerful to passive, sexy to silly, extremely detailed to sketchy. Enjoy!


Born in Japan, Ryu is one of the most beloved and favorite character in the SF series. He typically dressed in a traditional white gi, red fingerless gloves, a black belt and a red headband. Ryu is also famous for creating the memorable scar on Sagat’s chest, resulting from an advanced version of Shouryuuken during the first World Warrior tournament.

RYU: The Rising Dragon (via Mgnz)

Marvel VS Capcom 2: Ryu (via Udoncrew)

Evil Ryu (via

Ryu vs Sagat (via Braders1986)


Ken, the 2nd most popular character in the series also wears a traditional gi in red color. Like Ryu, Ken’s objective is to test his skills against many different fighters and make every effort become the best.

SF4 Ken (via SFgalleries)

Ken vs Vega (via O-beto-O)


Guile is a Major in the United States Air Force. Guile leaves his family and country to join the World Warrior tournament to take revenge on the death of his beloved friend Charlie, who was killed by M. Bison.

Guile Rendition (via Michael Ryan Kime)

Guile Wall (via M16)


Blanka’s beastly look is a product of Shadoloo genetic experimentation. Blanka is also famous for his shocking orange hair. He was trapped in the Brazilian jungles as a young child and was raised by animals.

Wild Blanka (via Castello)


Dhalsim, who is a pacifist, was born in Kerala, India. This yoga master is known for his bald head painted with red stripes, the string of skulls around his neck.

Character Select- Dhalsim (via Udoncrew)

Dhalsim vs Necro (via DXS Infinite)

Dhalsim Wall (via Manywallpapers)

Dhalsim: Yoga Blowfish (via Zatransis)


E. Honda is a sumo wrestler who typically seen a blue mawashi with red paint art in his face. Although he never earned the highest rank in sumo (Yokozuna), he got the second highest (Ozeki).

Little Honda (via Dennisbell)

E Honda C2 (via Fightersgeneration)

E Honda C2 (via Creativeuncut)


Sagat is frighteningly tall, a natural gift he uses to his advantage with his long-reaching assaults. His natural size earned him to become a powerful and ferocious fighter. He is totally bald and wear’s an eyepatch to cover his damaged eye. This giant has hands and feet larger than most of his opponents.

Sagat SF (via Umagafan84)


Zangief is a national hero in Russian with a nickname, “Red Cyclone” He became acquainted with Gorbachev towards the end of Alpha 2. After meeting Gorbachev, Zangief is sent to train in the Siberian wastes, wrestling bears.

Zan Da Maaan (via Mon3m)

Zangief vs Blanka (via Kuroitora)

Zangief Street Fighter Fan art (via Giaci78)

Zangief SF (via Leeyiankun)

Zangief fan art (via Jy-kim)


Vega is an interesting character, not only for his fascination with beauty, but also for his unique fighting style using a claw he wields. He’s one of the few SF characters to continuously carry a weapon. He learned bull fighting and ninjutsu, and became a cage fighter.

Vega – Detalles (via Varges)

PF Vega (via Udon Crew)


Balrog is an African American boxer who was banned from boxing for permanently injuring his opponents and accidentally killing one. Balrog join the Shadaloo criminal organization, and worked his way up from the bottom, eventually becoming M. Bison’s close disciple.

Balrog (via Syclown)

M. Bison

M. Bison is usually dressed in a red military uniform, large silver shoulder plates, and a grey cape. Master Bison’s ambition is to gain power over the world’s governments through his secret crime syndicate, Shadaloo.

M. Bison Zbrush (via Rv_el)


Sakura is a Japanese schoolgirl who has a strong interest on Ryu. She has managed to copy and learn some of Ryu’s techniques. This cute student usually fights in her school’s uniform, a short-skirted sailor fuku.

Sakura Sunshine (via Artgerm)


Akuma’s fighting style integrates the trademark moves of Ryu and Ken. He is famous for his death technique called, Shun Goku Satsu or "The Raging Demon". Akuma has red hair, wears a black gi, and wears prayer beads around his neck.

Evil Akuma (via Nefar007)

Akuma Shungokusatsu (via Hekoo)

Akuma Sign (via Comicvine)

More Street Fighter Artworks

Street Fighter cover (via Diablo2003)

Street Fighter II 2 Cover (via Udoncrew)

SF Alvinlee Tribute (via Fiboy)

Street Fighter Art Book (via Imaginism)

Street Fighter Tribute Book (via Imaginism)

Street Fighter Cover 2 (via Udon Crew)

Street Fighter no.3 COVER (via Alvin Lee)

Chibi Street Fighter Group (via Shauno)

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