SoundR Suggests Music Based on Your Mood

Genre-based music suggestions are very common among music streaming sites. Mood-based or activity-based music suggestions however are a different story altogether. If you’re looking for a music streaming service or app that lets you tailor your playlist according to your mood or what you’re doing at the moment, you should take a look at an app called SoundR.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, SoundR is a music streaming app that generates a music playlist based on your feelings. From the main screen, select your mood, what you’re currently doing at the moment, and your preferred genre of music, and the app will dig through Soundcloud to find music that fits your criteria.

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Once you’ve stumbled upon a playlist that you like, tapping on the heart symbol will send it to your "Favourite" playlist for easy access. Seeing as the app utilises music found on Soundcloud, SoundR is a great way to discover less known artists if you’re tired of the mainstream acts.

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While SoundR is a fun little app to experiment with, do note that the interface does take some getting used to as it isn’t exactly what I would consider intuitive. Additionally, the app does tend to feel unresponsive at times. Assuming you’re able to overlook its flaws, SoundR is a decent indie alternative to other more popular music streaming services such as Spotify.

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