Android Users Can Now Download Netflix Movies to SD Card

Netflix’s decision to implement an offline viewing mode has been a great boon to many who would like to download shows to view later. Unfortunately for those who use Netflix on their mobile devices, doing so caused the device’s already limited storage space to rapidly deplete.

In an attempt to solve the storage problem, Netflix has given the Android version of the Netflix app the ability to save videos onto an SD card instead of the device itself. Now, whenever you choose to download a video for offline viewing, a dialog box will ask you if you would like to save the video onto your device or your SD card if you have one.

netflix new feature

There are a few restrictions in place when it comes to this feature:

  • Netflix will impose a limit as to how much content you can download at any given time
  • Only videos that are offline viewing-eligible can be downloaded to your SD card
  • Videos stored on SD cards can only be played on the origin device and not on other devices.

So far, Netflix has made no mention of whether or not this particular feature will be made available on other platforms (iOS, Kindle etc.). Until an announcement is made by the company, it appears that this feature will be an Android-exclusive.