You can now download and watch Netflix offline

Once upon a time, Netflix claim that an offline mode for its services is "never going to happen". Great news for users, fast forward to today Netflix decided to abandon the talk and walk towards offline mode. Available for all Netflix users regardless of tiers, Netflix will now allow you to download "select TV shows and movies" for later viewing.

Users can download these shows by going to their respective webpages and tap on the download icon, located right next to the play button. After the download is complete, just go to "My Downloads" section to view.

netflix offline

One key thing to note, offline feature is the "select TV shows and movies" clause that comes with it. As the statement implies, the ability to download content to watch later is strictly limited to a select number of titles.

Prior to contracts that Netflix signed with broadcasters and movie studios to have their contents available on its service, Netflix is unable to make all content available for offline viewing.

For now, all "offline-compatible" shows have been grouped into a single folder. The folder mostly consists of various Netflix Originals such as Narcos, Orange is the New Black and The Crowd, NBC shows such as The Office and 30 Rock, as well as movies like Minions and Boyhood.

This section is expected to grow over time as more movies and series will soon be available for offline viewing.