How to Check If a Facebook Post Has Been Edited

Facebook allows you to edit a post after publishing. It may be a blessing for the absent-minded, who can easily clear their post from errors, however, it can also be troubling in some other situations. Like, you’d never know if someone posts something offensive about you and change it later, or you wont be able to use a post as proof if its content is changed after you last checked it.

Previously, if a post on Facebook was edited then “Edited” used to appear beside it, but some time ago Facebook took this feature away. However, there is still a way to verify whether a post is edited or not, and what was its original version.

Here are three simple steps to do so:

  1. Locate the post you wanted to check and click the "Menu arrow" at the top right corner of post.
    Locating Arrow Menu
  2. Click "More options" in the menu.
    More Options

    Sometimes you will see "View edit history" instead of "More options". Click on it and you will see the original and edited versions of a post. However, if you see "More options" then proceed with Step 3.

  3. View Edit History
  4. Click "View edit history" to see the original and edited post. The original post will be on the top of the edited posts.
    Original and Edited Post