How to Customize the ‘Via’ status on your Facebook Posts

Have you noticed that when some people or pages post a status on Facebook, they have their own custom ‘posted via..’ printed at the bottom of the status? This custom status typically shows where the status was posted from and seems to be determined by the device used to log the status.

For instance, if you post a Facebook status from your iPhone, Blackberry, or even from your mobile web browser, you will see the device name reflected in your status as ‘posted via iPhone’ and so on. Let’s take this a step further and get our statuses posted ‘via the post office’ or ‘via a watch’, shall we? All it requires is a little trick.

Better Facebook Fan Page: Essential Tips, Apps and Examples

Better Facebook Fan Page: Essential Tips, Apps and Examples

Note: This post is originally published on 15th of August, 2011. Facebook has changed all of our lives.... Read more

Create Facebook Application

The first action is you need to create a new Facebook application. Don’t worry, the Facebook ‘application’ here doesn’t mean anything difficult, rather they are steps to creating your own application ID that will reflect in your ‘posted via..’ status.

  1. Go to Facebook Developer page and click on the Apps button.

  2. Click Create New App button.

    Create New App
  3. Insert App Name and click Continue. You can leave the ‘App Namespace’ and ‘Web Hosting’ as we don’t need them here. The App Name is the name that will appear in your ‘posted via…’ status, so choose wisely.

    App Name
  4. Complete the security check box and click Submit.

    Security Check
  5. Now in the next page, you will see more details to fill up. Since we are going to do something simple, you don’t have to customize much, just the edit icon and the image to have a more personalized custom status. Add your App Domain and enter your Site URL. Then click Save Changes.

    App Details
  6. Ok now down to the important step, that is to copy the ‘App ID’. In this tutorial, my App ID is 432823820080744.

    App ID

Posting a custom status to facebook

You have now created your own Facebook App! Now let’s move on to posting with your new via status.

  1. To share the post to your own Facebook Wall, you can simply copy the URM below, replace the ‘<APP_ID>’ with your own App ID that you have just created and open it in a new browser/tab.<APP_ID>&redirect_uri=
  2. Be sure to change the domain included in the last part of the URL to your own domain as stated in the Facebook Application form. In this case, I am using
  3. When you open it in a new tab/browser, you will see a custom dialog box with your custom ‘posted via’ stated. Enter your message and click Share. Notice that in this example ‘via’ appears at the bottom of the status box.
    Post to wall
  4. After you share it on your wall, your friends will see as below, and when they click on the ‘posted via..’ link, it will bring them to the URL you specified in the Facebook Application page earlier. In this example, it will redirect to
    Custom Status
  5. Notice the logo icon had appeared below the status together with ‘via’ link. Now you can place the URL link provided above in your Facebook or even on your website or blog so your friends or fans can use it too.


Creating a custom status is not difficult, and you can even share the URL with your friends and fans on Facebook, your website, or even on your own blog. The more people using and liking it, the better, as you will be getting free directed traffic from your ‘via’ status. If you are creative enough, you can even create a web app for this.