Snapnator brings the MagSafe back to the MacBook Pro

Apple’s “courageous” decision to remove the MagSafe port on the new MacBook Pro has been rather controversial among Mac purists. For those looking at an alternative to the MagSafe, the Snapnator maybe just what you need.

Snapnator is a magnetic power connector that works not only on the MacBook Pro, but on other USB Type-C devices such as laptops and smartphones as well.

This device consists of a magnetic adapter that connects to the device’s USB Type-C port, and a magnetic connector that automatically snaps onto the adapter when they’re in proximity.

snapnator closeup
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snapnator cable

The product’s Kickstarter page states that the device supports charging at 87w, allowing it to charge the new 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros despite its small size. It will also support a number of Windows devices, Google-made devices, and even GoPro’s HERO5 series.

snapnator support

As of the time of writing, this magnetic connector has achieved its USD25,000 goal. If you want to nab a Snapnator of your own, you’ll need to pledge at least USD29 to the project. Higher tier pledges will also nab you a USB-C to USB converter or a USB-C Hub.