20 Awesome Accessories for Your New MacBook

We’re less than two months to Christmas and the shopping season, and to kickstart our annual shopping wishlists, here are a few Macbook accessories you can get yourself or for the Apple fan in your family.

In this collection, I’m going to share with you 20 Macbook accessories that can help keep your Macbook safe, stylish and more organized. You’ll see beautiful cases, screen protectors, USB drives, cable organizers , and other accessories to add to your collection of Macbook gadgets.

For more accessories, check out:

PowerPlay – Cord Organizer

PowerPlay is the perfect way to keep your Macbook cables organized. It helps to roll up the cables and protect your power brick from scratches. [Get it for $32]

Hub+: USB-C Hub

If you recently switched to Macbook, this Hub+ will help you to work as you used to. It’s the first USB-C that connects all your necessary gear to the new Macbook. It’s small, sleek, and travel-friendly. [Get it for $89]

TarDisk – 2x Macbook Storage

TarDisk increases digital storage and does everything a new hard drive should. Its small size packs an incredible 128 GB or 256 GB of digital space. [Get it for $149 – $399]

GlocalMe – World’s First Mobile WiFi Hotspot

GlocalMe is a Wi-Fi hotspot that is supported in around 100 countries. It works without a SIM card and will assign you carrier data traffic no matter your location. Great for travelers. [Get it for $129]

Touch Slab Wooden Trackpad

This wooden multi-touch trackpad is compatible with Mac OS. It also works as a numeric keypad. [Get it for $190]

The KADi Port

The KADi creative turns your MacBook’s USB-C port into two USB-Cs, one USB 3.0 and one Mini DisplayPort.

Mos – Magnetic Organization System

The MOS is a magnetic system that is also an organizer for your Macbook cables. Keep your cables, earbuds and other stuff all in one place. It can also be mounted to a wall. [Get it for $40]

Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector (for MacBook 11″ – 15″)

Get anti-blue light screen protectors for better protection from screen glare. Ideal for 11″ to 15″ Macbooks. [Get it from $33 onwards]

Camera USB Drive

This cute camera USB drive looks like a mini version of an actual DSLR. Comes with 8 GB of memory. [Get it for $20]

Slim Laptop/Tablet Case by ÉSTIE

Looking for a nice case/bag for your Macbook? This carbon leather case with a felt finish is the perfect option. [Get it for $199]


Portiko is a 6-foot extension cord with two outlets and two USB ports for better organization of the working process in a team. [Get it for $24.95]

This colorful keyboard shortcut skin is a great choice for a photographer or web designer. It can be easily put on or removed from your keyboard. [Get it for $30]

Peak Natural MacBook Cover & Stand by Aecraft

Made with wool felt and premium vegetable-tanned leather, this two-in-one Macbook cover, and stand would keep your laptop safe. [Get it for $200]

Hard Case for MacBook Pro

This lightweight and ultra-thin protector case for your Macbook gives you access to all ports and protects your laptop from scratches at the same time. [Get it for $59.95]

Cusby: First USB-C Modular & Expandable Adapter

Cusby lets you build custom sets of different communication ports, combine and interchange them as easily as adding "building blocks". [Preorder]

Glitty – Wooden Case

This wooden case for Macbooks is available in three types: Cherry, Walnut, and Ebony. Their design is sleek, simple and thin. [Get it from $79]

Cordlupa by This is Ground

Cordlupa works as a simple strap for your Macbook cables. It’s a perfect choice for travelers. It will keep your cables safe and secure. [Get it for $25]

Nimbus Portable Lamp

Nimbus is a portable and small lamp that will help you to brighten up your workspace if you ever have to work in the dark. It also can be used to take selfies in low lighting.