Five Best Smart Watches You Can Buy

When it comes to smart wearables, smartwatches win the game in terms of usability and aesthetics.

It’s easy to carry a smartwatch on you all the time and the many features make your life easy. But there are so many options available in the market that it becomes difficult to pick the right one.

If you’re planning to buy a smartwatch soon but don’t know where to start, here is a list of top 5 smartwatches reviewed along with their features.

The list includes smartwatches from famous brands as well as some lesser-known but equally interesting options. So take a look at the following and see which one would suit you the best.

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Apple Watch Series 5

apple watch series 5

Apple Watch is one of the finest smartwatches in the market. Its latest model, the Series 5 comes with a whole gamut of cool apps and features, the most prominent of which is the ‘always-on Retina display’ with which you can see the watch face all the time and without having to raise your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 5 has many health and fitness apps, including an ECG app that gives you a quick read on your heart rate, a Cycle Tracking app to track your menstrual cycle, and a noise app to alert you when it gets so loud that it might affect your hearing.

Additionally, in Series 5, you’ll find the App Store right in your watch so you can download any app at any time. What I loved is the variety of watch faces and the different options to customize them any way you like.

Price: from $249

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

samsung galaxt watch active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is both an improvement to its predecessor and challenges the Apple Watch in terms of features and design. The touch-sensitive bezel really helps with the overall experience, and the minimalistic circular design looks really chic.

The Galaxy Watch 2 comes with a number of useful features, including GPS, heart rate monitor, Samsung Pay, Spotify music, and there’s now LTE connectivity for those who need it. However, it still doesn’t offer many third-party apps that may give it a downside compared to other watches in the market.

Apart from all the fancy features, the thing I love the most about the Galaxy Watch 2 is the amazing battery life that lasts for a good two days. This is a lot when you compare it with the Apple Watch that has a battery life of up to 18 hours max.

Price: from $159.99

TAG Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer Connected

In a market full of sports and fitness smartwatches, TAG Heuer Connected presents itself as a luxury smartwatch with an absolutely gorgeous design. It comes in different styles i.e., steel case (with black or silver bezels and a rubber or steel bracelet) and Titanium cases (with a black rubber strap) with only one size option (45mm).

Far from being just a timepiece, TAG Heuer Connected offers great usability features, including a water-resistant design, sports tracking, great app faces, and TAG’s own sports app. Moreover, being run on Google Wear, it comes with all the staple smartwatch features that the OS offers.

The more I love its design, the less; however, I’m a fan of its one size option – that too quite chunky one. But if you like wearing a bulky watch that makes you feel proud to be carrying it, it certainly delivers on that front.

Price: from $1,800

Skagen Falster 3

Skagen Falster 3

Skagen Falster 3 is a beautiful smartwatch with minimal design and much improvement in performance compared to its predecessor. The design features a fully round watch case, three pushers on the right side, a rotatable crown, and skinny lugs that give a very thin and elegant look to the watch.

Like TAG Heuer Connected, Skagen Falster 3 runs also runs on Wear OS; however, the OS performs comparatively good on it with increased RAM and storage space. The watch also has a built-in speaker for phone calls over Bluetooth and can connect with iOS and Android devices.

Even though Falster 3 has many fitness apps and features, one cannot completely rely on them for powerful health tracking. Having said that, if it is a thin and stylish smartwatch you’re looking for with everything expected of the Wear OS, then this is the one for you.

Price: from $295

Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTS looks amazingly similar to Apple Watch but with a lighter price tag and somewhat different features. Like other smartwatches mentioned in the list, it runs on Wear OS, however, solid battery life of 14 days (25 hours with GPS) makes it stand out from the crowd.

One of the best features that it offers includes the fitness tracking ones such as app notifications, built-in GPS, 14 tracked sports, music control, and an optional always-on display.

On the downside, however, it doesn’t offer any app store where you can download your favorite apps. Also, you can view notifications on this watch but you won’t be able to reply to them.

Being a clone of Apple Watch from display to ultra-thin dimensions makes it ideal for anyone who wants to own a nice sleek smartwatch but cannot afford a hefty price tag.

Price: from $160

Bonus: Kumi Smart Watch

Kumi Smart Watch

The Kumi Smart Watch blends technology with style, catering to those who appreciate functionality and design. This watch comes with a clean 1.43″ AMOLED display and is compatible with both Android and iPhone, making it a versatile choice. Its IP68 waterproof rating and white finish give it a practical yet sophisticated look.

As a comprehensive companion, it supports voice calls and provides access to a virtual assistant, alongside a range of health-tracking features such as heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, and blood oxygen monitoring. It’s well-suited for those with an active routine, offering over 100 sports modes to help track your fitness progress.

Socially, it keeps you in the loop with up to 15 message notifications and easy access to your contacts and social media. With its 7-day battery life and quick 2-hour recharge time, the Kumi Smart Watch strikes a nice balance between style, health, and staying connected, proving to be a practical addition to any man’s daily wear.

Price: $79