15 Free Tools to Create Professional Resumes

Different people need different resumes, in fact, every person needs different versions of his own resume to use for various purposes. However, what usually happens is that you work on a template you get from a friend, then produce a black and white unprofessional resume that fails to represent you, however impressive your profile actually is.

If you want your professional skills to be presented through a spectacular CV that perfectly fits for a particular job or industry, take help from these free online resume creation tools that I’m reviewing in this post. You’ll be amazed at the many features these tools can offer that help in creating just the right resume. Let’s take a look.

CV Maker

CV Maker is a multilingual tool for building a professional resume. What impressed me is, you can choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates per your profession. You do not need to format or arrange the layouts manually – all is already done for you.

Also, you can arrange the sections per your requirement. Another interesting feature is you can host your resume on this site and share its link with anyone. Also, you can export the resume in PDF, HTML, or TXT format. Last but not the least, this platform comes with a simple interface that helps beginners to create an awesome resume seamlessly.



Visual CV lets you choose a handsome yet professional design and build a dynamic web portfolio or a professional resume out of it. The tool, unlike CV Maker, lets you create custom versions of your resume having similar or different formats. That means you can create multiple resumes for different job opportunities and present your best in them.

Moreover, you can create different versions of your resume where a new version is better than the old one. This feature helps in comparing and improving your resume. As a result, the resulting resume looks distinguished and well-polished. When you are done, you can export it to a PDF.



Resume.com is a free resume builder that lets you create, edit, and build a perfect resume, thanks to its user-friendly resume builder. This tool allows you to fetch your details from Facebook and LinkedIn so you can fill your resume quick and easy.

Resume.com can build a job-specific resume with its wide range of brilliant templates. Amazingly, the resume can also be shared with others, like CV Maker. Last but not the least, you can create multiple versions of your resume for applying for different openings.


Resume Builder

Resume Builder lets you create powerful resumes with step by step instructions. What surprised me is that this tool provides pre-written job-specific sample phrases and punchlines that are created by experts to help people nail jobs. I also like its dozens of resume template designs, which helps building awesome resumes.

You can create, download, and print the resume, and use formatting tools to customize it to showcase your creativity. Resume Builder can be started free of cost like others above, and it also helps to share and promote your resume through social networks.

resume builder


DoYouBuzz allows building resumes in web and mobile formats. As with others, you do not need to worry about the layout because its resume template does this job for you. You can choose the content you would like to add in the form fields, and your resume will be built.

You can get feedback from others before finalizing the resume. Your resume is shareable so that you can promote it on social networks. Also, you can opt to show your resume on Google, just like any public site or page appears on it. Last but not the least, the resume can even be downloaded and printed out easily.



Resumonk is a premium resume builder that can generate the resume in PDF and DOCX formats. You can choose from a large range of resume templates, fill in your information, and build your resume easily and quickly. The tool lets you create unlimited resumes, but with its free edition, you can avail just a limited number of templates.

What differentiates this tool from the others is, it offers ‘Photo CV’ templates that allow adding your professional pic to the resume. Interestingly, you can even import details from LinkedIn, like Resume.com, and share your resume with others by sharing its URL. You can also create a cover letter for each resume, but this is limited to its premium pack.



ResumeGenius is one of the fastest resume builders that can create a professional resume without requiring any writing skills. It helps create your resume with its ‘point, click, and create’ method that simplifies creating resumes. Also, the templates provided by ResumeGenius are software-friendly and help you to not get unrecognized by such tools.

You can choose from over 20+ professional templates and 50k+ phrases for different form fields. That means you can create an impressive resume even if you don’t have a good command on English language. You can also download your resume in PDF, DOCX, and TXT formats and can create an unlimited number of resumes, however with the premium subscription.

resume genius


KickResume offers a wide range of resume and cover letter templates that you can customize your resume with custom colors, icons, and layouts, resulting in a customized resume. Moreover, you can create a personal resume website with its premium subscription.

Contrary to some above-mentioned tools, KixkResume’s free version allows limited entries and categories and just the basic resume templates. Moreover, though you can download your resume yet it does not offer any social sharing features like few others. However, its templates support tracking system, so you can be sure you are not missed out.



Unlike the other tools, Novorèsumè focuses more on the content than the design to helps you improve the resume. It contains a content optimizer that analyzes your resume content and suggests possible revisions to make it even better. Moreover, you can optimize and customize the resume layout and preview it in live mode.

You can create your resume in multiple languages, as you can do with CV Maker. The free version of the tool allows you to build a one-page resume with predefined layouts. However, unlike few above tools, it does not provide pre-written phrases. After you are done creating your resume, you can download it as PDF, or share it with others.



CVsIntellect lets you build a professional resume through an intuitive interface. Just select a resume layout, fill in your details, and you can get a professional-looking resume in just minutes. Similar to the other tools, CVsIntellect provides pre-built templates and fonts to customize your resume design and show your creativity.

Interestingly, you can manage multiple resumes in a single account and download them as PDFs. Unlike most resume tools, CVsIntellect uses LaTeX as its platform and you can also download the TeX script for your resume.

However, it does not support hosting your resume on a website or sharing it to social platforms, as supported in few of the above tools.


Resume Companion

Resume Companion provides approved, professional resume as well as cover letter templates with thousands of content options. The tool offers about 5k+ pre-written content phrases, which you can insert with just one click.

You will find many resume sections, and you can arrange them per your requirement. Also, the tool automatically formats the resume for you, after which, the final resume can be exported to a Word or a PDF document. However, it lacks resume hosting and social sharing features that are offered by few of the above tools.

resume companion

CV Ease

CV Ease lets you create a resume by simply choosing a template containing multiple layout elements and filling up those elements with your content. What surprised me is, it contains an easy yet customizable resume editor that helps you create a pro-looking resume.

It publishes your resume on its site, and you can share the URL to share your resume. It also offers search engine optimization for your resume, which helps to reach more probable employers. Though the free version lacks some powerful features offered by other builders, it is still one of the most easy-to-use resume tools.



TopCV is an interactive CV builder that lets you design your CV with custom colors, fonts, and formats. What I liked is its various template designs, which are suitably built for different industries and help you impress the employer. You can easily import data from your LinkedIn profile and further edit the information to create your resume.

The final version of the CV can be exported to PDF without any TopCV branding, unlike CV Ease. The free version allows you to create two resumes and two cover letters along with support for cloud storage, but it avails resume hosting in premium plans only.


HipCV offers professional CV designs and layouts, and also professionally-written phrases and sentences for creating awesome first impressions. The tool is completely free to use, and there’s no limit on the number of resumes, unlike some others.

You can download the CV in PDF format or email it to apply directly. You can also get a link to your resume hosted on its site, and share the same on social media platforms. And what more interestingly is that HipCV tracks the number of visits on your CV, so you always know the traffic arriving to check out your resume – same as Google Analytics work.


Jobulo offers multiple creative templates and layouts that assures you a winning job. It is a free tool that lets you create multiple versions of your CV, download them as PDF copies, and print them if required. Interestingly, you can also host your CV using Jobulo, like HipCV, and share its link to share and promote your resume on social networks.

Jobulo offers clear and concise advice, and ensures you do not miss any important detail while creating your CV. Moreover, even though it’s completely free, it packs in lots of features, unlike various other tools that segregate features between freemium and premium plans.

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