Showcase of Beautiful Fashion Illustrations

Most of us know fashion illustrations for their distinctive association with style and beauty. There is no doubt about that, however there is so much more to fashion illustrations that can inspire every designer, no matter what field you are in.

This is a compilation of the best fashion artworks I’ve found over the years. Pay close attention to the designers’ expert use of colors, textures, movement & flow, sketching & line drawing techniques, collage & mix media techniques.

Most importantly study how fashion illustrators express themselves through their artwork. Inevitably some styles overlap but each illustrator can be distinguished by their own personal drawing style very much like their own handwriting.

Enjoy the exciting breadth and diversity of these breathtaking fashion artwork!

20 Top Fashion Illustrators

1. Autumn Whitehurst

Brooklyn based illustrator who’s trademark is a combination of vector line work, glowing texturing and surreal beauty. Her favorite artist is George Grosz.

2. Cecilia Carlstedt

Fashion Illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden. Cecilia Carlstedt uses a combination of pencil, watercolor and ink to achieve her delicate artwork. Her work has been commissioned by many major brands such as: Bloomingdales, Swarovski, La Perla, Paul Smith, H&M, MTV.

3. Coco Pit

Illustrator and founder of getconfused, Coco Pit is based in London. I like to mix several techniques but aim for restraint and minimalism in the finished work as I like the results achieved from combining these two approaches. -Coco Pit.

4. Danny Roberts

Professional illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer based in Southern California. His work has been featured in publications in more than nine different countries, and he is the creator of Igor + André, his personal blog.

5. James Jean

Artist based in Los Angeles, California. Renowned for his draftsmanship, imagination, and ability to span the commercial and fine art worlds, Jean has created a deeply involved body of work that has been widely featured in print, fabric, large-scale installations, and animation.

6. Kelly Thompson

Fashion Photographer and Illustrator from Wellington, New Zealand who specialises in female form. She describes her female characters as having a "sassy, flirty look".

7. Kelly Smith

Freelance Illustrator currently based in Tasmania, Australia. She specialises in both portrait & fashion illustration. Her style is a combination of pencil sketching and watercolor.

8. Lanitta Makarova

Talented Ukrainian illustrator based in Kiev. There is beauty and perfection in her delicate slim fashion characters. She had a great attention to details, shapes and proportions in her vector illustrations.

9. Laura Laine

Helsinki based illustrator, Laura Laine has been working full-time as a freelace illustrator and is also teaching fashion illustration at the university. Her recent clients include Zara, Rad Hourani, The New York Times T magazine, Tommy Hilfiger, Elle Girl, Muse magazine, The Guardian, I.T Post magazine, Iben Hoej, and Daniel Palillo.

10. Linn Olofsdotter

Brazil based illustrator, Linn Olofsdotter, from Sweden, has explored many mediums before solidifying her career in the illustration field. Her vibant artwork is often described as emotional, surreal and a little naughty. Linn works independently creating artwork for a number of clients in the Fashion, Advertising and Editorial fields such as Oilily, La Perla and Bon Magazine.

11. Manuel Rebollo

A graphic artist and illustrator, Spain. His work is a combination of hand drawn lines, watercolor drips, doodles and great use of negative white space.

12. Marguerite Sauvage

Based in Paris, France, Marguerite Sauvage is an illustrator, artist and animator who creates chic modern illustrations that capture the lifestyle of today’s trendsetters. Her eye-catching work is soft yet powerful, combining sophisticated European sensibilities with line-work inspired by both traditional Japanese art and contemporary Japanese culture. – Magnet Reps

13. Nadia Flower

New Zealand based illustrator, Nadia Flower’s work is often described as Fragile, delicate, yet graphic and strong. She uses a combination of hand-drawn and computer-based imagery and works happily across a variety of visual mediums.

14. Naja Conrad

Designer and artist who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her inspiration comes equally from the worlds of fashion, hardcore music, and traditional art and design and in general observing the world around her.

15. Noumeda Carbone

Freelance illustrator and painter born in Paris and based in Florence, Italy. I work with ink, pigment liner, felt-tip pen and usually I mixes hand drawing with digital instruments. I like the error, the small surprise between lines, the light. – Noumeda Carbone

16. Petra Dufkova

Artist from Uk, Petra Dufkova’s illustrations can be described as a beautiful mess! She uses a combination of sketches, ink and watercolor to achieve her stunning pieces.

17. Pomme Chan

Born and educated in Bangkok, Pomme Chan is currently based in UK. Using her unique felt-tip style and Line drawing Pomme draws inspiration from Architecture, nature, fashion and the curve of the female form.

18. Raphaël Vicenzi

A self-taught illustrator who lives in Brussels, Belgium. His work is striking, beautiful and often comes along with a message. Raphaël Vicenzi’s work have been featured in Illusive2, Fashion Wonderland, IDEA design, Computer arts,Advanced Photoshop and others.

19. Sandra Suy

Based in Barcelona, Sandra Suy loves drawing people, especially beautiful women with beautiful dresses. She studied fashion design, but what she likes most is drawing, so she decided to combine both things and become a fashion illustrator.

20. Stina Persson

Illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. She states that her work is about “finding the right balance between the edgy and the elegant, the raw and the beautiful.”

Editor’s note: This post is written by Carine Ma for Carine has a background in traditional art and multimedia design. She has been a multimedia designer for over 6 years and is currently available for freelance work. You can view her portfolio and blog at Caramel Ink.

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