Simplify Your Android Nougat Split-Screen with Screens

Split-screen is one of the many features that was introduced in Android Nougat, allowing you to have two apps on your screen at any one time. In an attempt to make the feature more accessible to people, a development team called Keep Away From Fire has released an app called Screens that is meant to simplify the split-screen experience.

Available on the Android Play Store for phones that are running on Android Nougat, Screens is an app that creates a shortcut for two apps that you wish to launch in split-screen mode.

When the app is launched, Screens will ask you to select two apps that you want to be displayed together.

  1. Once you’ve selected the apps, you’ll be given the option to name the shortcut for both apps.
  2. After that, all you need to do is click on the "Create Shortcut" button.
    create shortcut
  3. Tapping on the shortcut created by Screens will cause both apps to open in split-screen mode, negating the need to manually set up split-screen on your own.
    split screens

While the feature is handy to have, do note that Screens isn’t perfect as the shortcut generated by the app may fail to work.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to tinker with applications, you may be pleased to know that the developers have released the source code for Screens on GitHub, allowing you to make modifications or improvements to the app yourself.

Source: Android Authority