Schedule (Send later) Your GMail Emails with Rightinbox

Ever needed to send an email reminder or memo but just not right now? Reminders to submit a report or to prepare materials for an upcoming meeting would work better when sent at a timely manner. The receivers would appreciate it better when it doesn’t come too early for them to take it seriously or too late for them to be able to get anything ready.

Rather than draft the contents and keep it in the drafts folder, then forgetting all about it due to a busy schedule, why not let your email send the draft out for you? In this tutorial, we will show exactly how to do that with Rightinbox, a browser extension that integrates with your Gmail, to provide you with a ‘Send Later’ feature.

Note: Rightinbox is currently available on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers on all platforms.

Install Rightinbox

First of all, you need to go to the Rightinbox website and download the extension.

Install button

Your browser (in this tutorial, we are using Chrome) will prompt to continue the download process, click on ‘Continue’.

Continue download

Now, a pop up will appear on your browser just below the address bar. Click on ‘Install’.

Install Rightinbox

Once installation is done, you will be notified.

installed notification

Now if you have already opened your Gmail Inbox, refresh the page and you will get a notification. Click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Gmail is ready

And finally, Rightinbox requires access to your Gmail account to implement the ‘Send Later’ button. Click on ‘Grant Access’.

Grant Access

You have now completed the installation process. You will get another notification in your Gmail account. Simply click ‘Close’ and you will see that your Rightinbox is ready.

Rightinbox Ready

Schedule send an email

To start scheduling an email, simply click on the compose button.

Compose Email

Now, you will see not only a ‘Send Now’ button, but also an additional button called ‘Send Later’. Click on that button to schedule send an email.

Send Later

You will be given an option to send the email following your preferred time. Selecting a preset time of 1, 2 or 4 hours, a day after, or set your own custom time for the email to be sent by clicking on ‘at a specific time’.

Send Later option

On ‘at a specific time’, there will be a popup window, fill up the specific time you want the email to be sent.

Specific time

When the time is set, click on the ‘Schedule’ button to schedule the email.

Schedule button

That is all, your email is now scheduled according to the time you have specified.


Every time an email is scheduled, your email will be saved in the ‘Drafts’ folder, and when the time comes, the email will be sent automatically and transferred to your ‘Sent’ folder for your reference.


This feature is still not available on GMail but getting the Rightinbox extension will certainly make sure you do not miss out on sending an important email or reminder ever again.