How to Generate Unlimited Email Addresses from a Single Gmail Account

Simplify your inbox with Gmail's plus addressing to sort emails and dodge spammers.

Did you know that if you have one Gmail account, you actually have an infinite number of Gmail addresses? What you can do with this is actually pretty useful.

You can achieve this with a technique called “plus addressing.”

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Plus addressing

“Plus addressing” is a method offered by certain email services, like Gmail, allowing users to add a + followed by any sequence of characters to their email prefix, right before the @ symbol. This technique enables users to sort and categorize incoming emails without setting up an entirely new email account.

To utilize this feature, just insert a + after your email prefix and append any desired sequence, ensuring there are no spaces or special characters.

For example, say your Gmail address is To take advantage of plus addressing, you can use the following email addresses as well:


Think of these as brand new email addresses that, when used to sign up for something online or given to someone, will forward emails back to your original

So, why would you do this, right? Well, for one, you can use this trick to get unlimited free trials from any service that requires an email address. When the trial is over, simply sign up again with another email address using the prefix, for example, johndoe+ and you’re back in!

Note: Engaging in deceptive practices like signing up for multiple free trials can be against the terms of service for many companies. Always ensure you’re acting ethically and within the terms of any agreement you enter.

Another reason is to filter out spammers. For example, if you start getting spam at, you’ll know the source is likely a shopping-related sign-up.

Dot addressing

If you don’t like using the + symbol, you can also use the . symbol, and it will work just as well.