10 Sites For Latest E-Sports News & Professional Gaming Tips

Esports has already emerged as one of the most popular forms of sports entertainment enjoying a fan-following of millions across the globe. Due to its evolving nature, there always something happening in the world of eposts.

So if you want to stay plugged into the news, views, and happenings of the online gaming world, the following list of reliable eposrts news sites will help you do just that. From news and gaming tips to interviews of celebrity gamers, you’ll find a variety of content on these websites. Let’s take a look.

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The Esports Observer

One of the most famous and versatile websites to provide you news, views, tips, and insights regarding the esports industry. From personalities to companies and events, the website covers everything that an esports fan or an esports entrepreneur would be interested in.


The Esports Observer emphasizes highly on quality content and real-time data to help its readers make informed decisions and stay plugged into the esports world.

The company prides itself on holding amazing esports events and conferences to engage and connect esports professionals with their fans and other businesses.

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ESTNN Esports News

If you want to stay informed about every new happening in the sports industry, then Esports News Network – ESTNN is the source to check into. It is an authentic and all-round publication regarding news, interviews, features, guides, videos, and even tournament coverage in the world of esports.


With ESTNN, you can review virtual racing events and get the latest tips, tricks, and guides about world-famous virtual games like Call of Duty, Data, Fortnite, and Leagues of Legends among many more. There’s also regular news on business collaborations, acquisitions, partnerships, and global deals in the esports industry.

esports @Reddit

Everyone knows about Reddit being a platform for people with similar interests to form communities and have conversations. Similarly, there is a gaming community on Reddit that can be a great source of news, discussions, interviews, and promotion related to the esports industry.


When you land on the Reddit esports community, you find a variety of content posted by members of the community.

Take part in a discussion, ask something on the forum, seek members’ opinions on your work or look for volunteers for your gaming project – its truly an ideal place for a gaming enthusiast.

Challenger Mode @Medium

A website founded by techies and gaming nerds for techies and gaming nerds, ChallengerMode is a platform providing comprehensive information, news, and useful tips on the enigmatic world of esports.


ChallengerMode is a place where professional gamers and aspiring esports athletes come together to get information on upcoming events, recommended tournaments, qualifying teams, and other interesting happenings.

The website also features a marketplace where you can get coaching workshops and e-products for your games and a social platform where you can find and join different teams and communities.

World Gaming Network

If you’re an aspiring gamer and want to train yourself for actual gaming competitions, then head right to World Gaming Network. It is a unique portal that you can use as your playground, training ground, connecting with other gamers, or simply a source for getting gaming-related news.


The website requires you to sign up, find and join a tournament, and just start playing to brush up your skills or just to have some fun.

Likewise, in the Inside WorldGaming section, you can find video recaps and previews of gaming tournaments as well as news, helpful guide, and announcements of the esports world.

LoL Esports

Rightfully dubbed as the home for all League of Legends competitions globally, LoL Esports is the heaven for every League of Legends fan. You’ll find videos of recent matches, schedules of upcoming tournaments, news about the game, and new developments from teams and its members.


It is a world-renowned community that revolves around exciting competitions, latest tech, electrifying entertainment, and high level of encouragement for amateurs as well as professional LoL players. Additionally, you can earn exciting rewards by simply watching the games.


As everything is rapidly making its way to the mobile platform, theScore makes it as it’s main focus as a mobile-first esports platform. You will everything from the latest gaming news, scores, esport alerts, opinion articles, expert views and great insight on this website.


The creators of theScore emphasize on making the website optimal and accessible to mobile users so they can customize, and share the content on social media platforms.

Apart from the news, you can find interesting videos on different events from the esports realm.


Dexerto is a multi-faceted website for everything related to esports. Founded by a bunch of friends with a passion for gaming and entertainment, the site features high-quality content curation and ward-winning coverage of the gaming world.

On Dexerto, you will come across regular news postings, coverage of digital influencers, documentaries, and interviews of pro gamers, and even some funny clips from online streamers.


The accompanied by their YouTube channel, the team also brings breaking news from the gaming universe so the esports aficionados stay hooked.

Espn Esport

ESPN is already a world-famous media company providing sports news, views and live coverage of sports events. Likewise, ESPN Esports features the latest gaming news, tournament scores, schedules, expert articles, and videos from all over the globe.


You can get first-rated information about gamer transactions, updates on your favorite game, partnerships and collaborations in the gaming industry, and latest stats on teams and participants. If you want to watch video content, head off to their YouTube channel.