80 Absolutely Beautiful Video Game Wallpapers

From the earliest video game such as Pong in 1972 to the recently released Halo Wars released this year, the video game industry has progressed rapidly in terms of graphics, interactivity and the likes. Today, computer video games are no longer limited to the young and tech savvy generation. People of all ages are coming to appreciate the entertainment value and appeal of a variety of video games ranging from platform to action adventure games.

Video games has evolved from mere 2D platform games to a couple of interesting game categories. Gathered from the more commonly played video games genres, it is our pleasure to present 80 Amazing Video Game Wallpapers across the different game consoles.


Fighting games have been around early in the video gaming history. Some of the earliest fighting games include Street Fighter and King of Fighters. More likely than not, the mass appeal for fighting games stems from adrenaline rush a game player gets when he or she unleash a devastating finishing blow!

Street Fighter IV by creativeuncut

Street Fighter – Chun-Li Style by Artgerm

Dynasty Warrior by bestgamewallpapers

Action Adventure

Combining intense action with intriguing adventure, action adventure games attracts gamers who seek not only the excitement but also a great storyline for the game. Today, most games from all genres have adopted the approach to include in a great story-telling element to make games more interesting than ever.

Assassin’s Creed by creativeuncut

God of War II

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege

Prototype by bestgamewallpapers

Ecco the Dolphin – Big Blue by Orioto

Role-Playing Games (RPG)

This is the kind of games where the characters are essentially what makes or breaks the gameplay. Action makes up part of the game, but what motivates a gamer to continue on with the usually long gameplay of an RPG is a good storyline revolving around a group of intriguing characters. A famous example? The Final Fantasy series.

Final Fantasy X – Yuna by creativeuncut

Phantasy Star IV – Group Work by Orioto

Diablo 3 by TheWallpapers

First-Person Shooter

Gamers get to walk around in the game world with a view as if he or she is looking through the eye of the character. The earliest first-person shooters are Quake, Wolfenstein and Doom. Today, the Halo series is the most popular one.

Star Wars Battlefront II by Wallpapers World

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 by bestgamewallpapers

Far Cry 2

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Half-Life 2

Multi-player Online

Multi-player online games is a more recent type of games that came about with the growing technology of the internet. World of Warcraft is one such games that most people would have heard of in the recent years. The critical success of multiplayer online games lies on the fact that the characters that one is interacting with online is real instead of artificial intelligence (AI).

World of Warcraft by bestgamewallpapers

Ultima Online: King Reborn

Guild Wars Nightfall


Who have not heard of Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Marios, Megaman and the likes? These are the earliest kind of games available in the video game industry before the 3D video games generation. Although the gameplay is simple, these games are so addictive that you could spend hours and hours trying to beat your last score!

Sonic the Hedgehog wallpapers

Sonic the Hedgehog by Orioto

Megaman – City Borders

World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

Super Mario World

Kid Icarus

Donkey Kong Country

Super Aleste



For those of you old enough, did you remember how you try to move from side to side avoid all sorts of obstacles with a 2D-shaped car of some sort as you cruise along a 2D track? Well, that was two decades ago. Racing games of today have amazing 3D graphics (not to mention highly in-depth audio quaity) that not only allows gamers to race per se, but also enable them to uniquely customize their vehicles as well.

Need for Speed Undercover by bestgamewallpapers

Need for Speed: Undergound

Driver: Parallel Lines

Race Driver: Grid

Real-time Strategy

This is a particular type of strategy games that allows the players to see an overhead view of a warzone so as to control the battle units. One of the most popular game of this particular genre is the Command & Conquer series, which was released in 1995. Other well-known ones include Starcraft, Warcraft and the Dune series.

Starcraft II

Command & Conquer 3 by bestgamewallpapers

Tom Clancy’s EndWar


Simulation games are games that try to mimic the real-life scenario as far as possible. Microsoft Flight Simulator series was a highly sophiscated and realistic simulation video game that even the a typical gamer may get frustrated playing them. Fortunately, most simulation games are less than realistic today, in order to fulfil their purpose as an entertaining game.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War by bestgamewallpapers

Ace Combat 4: Shattered Skies


Gamers get to control a main character in the game and essentially destroy or beat up everything in his or her way. Simple enough?

Devil May Cry 4 by bestgamewallpapers

Devil May Cry 2

Music Video Games

Music video games are increasingly popular these days, and has even contribute a major role to the evolution of gameplay. New game controllers such as the guitar for the Guitar Hero series was developed to enhance the interactivity of gaming. The Rock Band series even came up with a full set of electronic drums, bass guitar, microphone and electronic guitar to compete against Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock by bestgamewallpapers

All Stars

Last but not least, as a treat from us, the wallpapers below consist of different game characters across games in a single wallpaper. It’s always fun to see what happen when they cross games and maybe fight each other!

Super Smash Bros. Series by Bonus-kun

Super Smash Bros. by UdonCrew

Kingdom Hearts II by creativeuncut

Super Smash Bros by Wallpaper Abyss

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Street Fighter – Street Jam by UdonCrew

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