How to Remove Political Posts From Your Facebook News Feed

Ever since the recent US presidential elections, your Facebook’s News Feed may or may not have been flooded by news articles and regular confrontations between people of differing political views. If you, like me, would like a respite from all the politics, CBS News has handily provided three solutions that let you filter out the noise from your News Feed.

If you’re a Chrome user, you can opt to install an extension called "Remove All Politics From Facebook". Once it is toggled on, the extension will proceed to filter out all posts that contain the keywords. While this extension is great for text-based posts, picture-based political posts such as memes will be able to bypass the filter.

filter keywords

In the event that Chrome isn’t your main browser of choice and you’re looking for a filter that is much more sophisticated, Social Fixer is yet another extension to consider. Available for Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers, Social Fixer is an extension that lets you customize your Facebook experience.

social fixer

Built into the extension is a sophisticated filter that lets you filter our various posts that ranges from politics, sports, and even spoilers for television shows and movies. If that isn’t enough, you can even create custom filters of your own.

create new filter

For those who are not interested in downloading extensions or setting up filters, you can always choose to hide a user’s posts on Facebook. Doing so will cause Facebook to reduce the amount of posts published by the individual involved from showing up on your News Feed. Alternatively, you can choose to Unfollow the individual, meaning you’ll never see his or her posts ever again while still remaining friends.

unfollow posts
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