Get Notified When Your Sent Email is Opened with Signals

People who deal with tons of emails on a daily basis would understand how important it is for (encrypted) emails to reach the correct recipient and have them read it. For business email clients, there are ‘read receipts‘ where you will know if the receiver has opened the email you sent them.

Read receipts have not been implemented natively on Gmail, but here’s a Chrome extension that you can use for email tracking.

Signals is an extension that allows you to track who has read your sent email on Gmail. It also has a very clean interface. Let’s see how Signals can work for you.

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Get Notified On Who Has Read Your Mail

To begin, download and install the Signals Chrome extension. A Signals icon button will be shown at the end of the browser’s address bar — this is where all your notifications will be shown.

Signals Extension

Now, head to to connect your Gmail account. Sign in and you’re ready to start getting notifications.

Signals Gmail

To begin tracking, go to Gmail and compose a new email. You’ll notice a new Signals button at the bottom of the compose box that allows you to track the email. Check that box and click on Send to track your email.

Signals Compose

Once a user opens the email, a notification will appear on the Signals icon. You can then click on it to view details like when did the user open it, the location it was opened from and how many times it has been viewed. You can also click on a particular notification to view the entire email on Gmail.

Signals Notification

That’s all there is to it, Signals is very easy to set up and is free for up to 200 notifications a month. That’s plenty since you don’t have to track every single email you send out. However, if you’re working with a team and need to track lots of mail, there’s a premium version with no limitations for $10/month.

Signals Pricing

We’ve featured a similar service before called RightInbox, but Signals is better as it keeps your Inbox clean and instead gives you notifications of your opened mail. At the time of this writing, Signals only works with Google Chrome, but a Firefox Beta is in the works.