How to Track Whether Your Sent Email Has Been Opened in Gmail

When you need to send crucial information via email to a person or client, all you can do is send the email and wait for a reply to ensure they have received and opened it. This situation can cause distress during urgent times.

Microsoft Outlook offers a ‘receipt’ function that enables your email recipient to send a notification indicating they have read the email. However, this requires an action on their part. If they choose to ignore it, you’re left in the dark about whether they have received and read your email.

While there are numerous solutions for this, most necessitate the sending of an HTML-type email containing a script. However, thanks to RightInbox, you can bypass all the intricate HTML email settings and still receive notifications when someone opens and reads your email. RightInbox is a Chrome browser extension for Gmail that lets you schedule emails and, with a recent feature update, track when your email is opened.

Tracking An Email Read Status

It’s very easy to start with, all you need is the Chrome browser, and the RightInbox extension. Download and install.

Download RightInbox

After Installation is done, open your Gmail Inbox or refresh if it’s already opened. A notification will appear, click ‘Continue’ and then follow the instruction to allow it to access your Gmail.

RightInbox Ready

Now to start tracking your next email, click on ‘Compose’ button in your Gmail Inbox.

Compose Gmail

In the compose area, you will see an additional ‘Track’ button appear in-line with your ‘Send Now’ button. To track this email, simply check the ‘Track’ button before you hit ‘Send Now’.

Track Button

That is all you need to do, a simple ‘check’ will help you find out when the email is opened. There is no script required and RightInbox will track the delivery status even if your email content is just a simple plain-text.

Now when the email you sent is opened by the recipient, you will be notified via email with a little more details, that includes the IP and location.

Track Status


Email tracking through RightInbox has been simplified for use with the Chrome browser, eliminating the need for any additional scripts in your email content. Notifications are sent directly to your email rather than through browser popup notifications. This ensures that you can always stay updated on the status of your emails, even when you are away from your Chrome browser or computer.