Instantly Print Smartphone Photos with Prynt

Note: This post was first published on February 24, 2015.

Do you frequently capture moments with your smartphone, featuring selfies, family gatherings, and everyday scenes? Once you’ve snapped these photos, what’s next? If you’re looking for a tangible, memorable way to preserve these moments beyond just digital storage, consider printing them directly with Prynt.

Prynt Smartphone Photo Printer in Action

Prynt transforms your smartphone into an instant photo printer, perfect for the selfie era. It’s a case that lets you print pictures on-the-go in under thirty seconds – without needing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Simply insert your phone into the Prynt case, capture a photo, and print it instantly. You can even print images from your gallery or social media. Plus, Prynt offers fun filters and frames to enhance your photos.

Printing photo with Prynt

Each print is 2×3 inches and uses ZINK (Zero-Ink) paper, making the case lightweight at just 0.49 lbs (225 g) without the phone.

Prynt is compatible with iPhone models 5 through 6 and Galaxy S4 to S5. Switching phones? Just swap out the dock adapter, not the entire case. More phone models will be supported soon.

Prynt case

Prynt also features a unique augmented reality app that captures a short video before each photo and stores it in the cloud. This video plays when the printed photo is scanned using the Prynt app, bringing memories to life.

Key Limitations

The Prynt case includes a USB-rechargeable battery, allowing for about 20 prints per charge and takes 90 minutes to recharge. It holds up to 10 sheets of paper, so plan your refills accordingly.

To reload, remove your phone, insert new paper sheets, and replace your phone. While this may seem inconvenient, it allows you to focus on capturing photos first and printing them later.

Where to Get Prynt

Prynt is available in several colors and can be supported on their Kickstarter page starting at $99. The campaign has successfully reached its initial $50,000 goal several times.

Prynt's instant photo printing

Each pledge includes a pack of 10 paper sheets and a mini USB charger. Additional paper costs $25 for 50 sheets, and shipping fees may apply for international orders. Early bird orders ship in August, with the classic batch following in October.