12 Cool Pre-Built Affordable Websites for Small Businesses

Discover pre-built, affordable websites perfect for small businesses. Get your online presence up and running quickly and easily.

It is pretty common for small business owners to be on a tight budget. And while there are some areas of your business where you can cut corners, your website is not one of them.

Some people will say you need to spend thousands of dollars on a website if you want it to look good and be effective for your business. Others will tell you about website builders you can use to build your own site, if only you’re willing to pay a monthly subscription fee – from now until the day you stop needing the site.

There’s another option.

With a one-time $60 licensing fee, you’ll get access to BeTheme, BeBuilder, and more than 650 awesome pre-built websites.

Want to see how amazing these affordable websites for small businesses look and how easy they are to customize?

Keep reading.

Showcase: 12 affordable websites for small businesses

Costs quickly add up in business. Here are twelve awesome websites for small businesses bundled with the BeTheme WordPress theme.

Start your cost savings with one of these, and then we’ll show you below how to save even more time and money with BeTheme.

1. BeBlogger
BeTheme - BeBlogger

Are you a content creator who needs a website? While the BeBlogger website is designed using the example of a blogger, any content creator, influencer, or entrepreneur could use this pre-built website.

You’ll have areas to show off your photography, write posts, advertise partnerships, and build your list of subscribers.

View BeBlogger Prebuilt Website

2. BeBurger
BeTheme - BeBurger

Independent food and drink establishments can have websites that are just as professional and flashy as big chains. BeBurger will make it easy to advertise your restaurant, cafe, doughnut shop, or other establishments in a big way.

Add video backgrounds, share yummy photos of food and drinks, and show off your full menu in all its glory.

View BeBurger Prebuilt Website

3. BeBusiness
BeTheme - BeBusiness

If you’re looking at this list and don’t see your specific industry represented, that’s okay. BeTheme has a big selection of BeBusiness sites that are easy to customize and put your personal twist on.

This particular pre-built website is best for small businesses, like accountants, law firms, consultants, and others, who want to appear professional yet accessible and relatable.

View BeBusiness Prebuilt Website

4. BeEcoFood
BeTheme - BeEcoFood

If you feel like your business would benefit from a website that feels more organic and down-to-earth, BeEcoFood could be a good option.

This site doesn’t rely on high-impact imagery to make a statement. Instead, its earthy design allows the business’s natural and healthy food products to shine through.

View BeEcoFood Prebuilt Website

5. BeEvent
BeTheme - BeEvent

Want people to hire you to coordinate or host events for them? Then you need a website that gets them excited about what you do. BeEvent combines bright colors, fun textures, and exciting imagery to help you grab people’s attention.

The site also comes with tools that make it easy for website visitors to book a consultation with you.

View BeEvent Prebuilt Website

6. BeFoodTruck
BeTheme - BeFoodTruck

If you’re a food truck owner, you shouldn’t have to rely on social media or third-party sites to get the word out about your business.

One of Be’s pre-built websites, the BeFoodTruck site has everything you need to share your current menu and your food truck’s whereabouts and schedule.

View BeFoodTruck Prebuilt Website

7. BeITService
BeTheme - BeITService

It doesn’t matter how big or small your operation is or if you work on your own or with a team of employees. You need a website that makes your small tech business look as well-established and trustworthy as the bigger companies you compete against.

Use the BeITService pre-built website for advertising your technical support services, phone repair shop, or other tech-based business.

View BeITService Prebuilt Website

8. BeNursingHome
BeTheme - BeNursingHome

When you run a small medical or care facility, you need a website that will do more than just rattle off information about the services you offer. You need one that feels warm and empathetic.

With BeNursingHome, you’ll have tons of room to show off the faces of the people whose lives you are impacting and those who care for them day in and day out.

View BeNursingHome Prebuilt Website

9. BePersonalTrainer
BeTheme - BePersonalTrainer

Personal trainers, health coaches, nutrition consultants, and others in the business of helping people reach their optimal health need websites that visually demonstrate what those results will look like.

BePersonalTrainer does this with a dramatic flair, combining greyscale and colorful imagery of the personal trainer and their clients.

View BePersonalTrainer Prebuilt Website

10. BeTheme Store
BeTheme - BeTheme Store

If you have a small, local shop that mainly relies on foot traffic and word-of-mouth, then now is a great time to get it online. While you can use BeTheme Store for any shop with a small to medium-sized inventory of products, the design would work great for businesses in the tech, auto, or athletics space.

View BeTheme Store Prebuilt Website

11. BeTire
BeTheme - BeTire

As more and more people turn to the internet to discover local service providers, having an impressive website waiting for them is a huge competitive advantage these days. But you don’t just want it to look good.

The BeTire pre-built website, for instance, is built to educate prospective customers on your services and to help them make appointments online.

View BeTheme Store Prebuilt Website

12. BeWedding
BeTheme - BeWedding

The wedding industry is massive. But sometimes couples don’t want to use expensive and out-of-touch vendors to plan the wedding of their dreams.

While the BeWedding pre-built website could certainly be used by couples who want to advertise their upcoming nuptials, it could also be repurposed for local wedding photographers, planners, florists, and more.

View BeWedding Prebuilt Website

Build a cost-efficient website for your small business

It’s okay if you can’t afford huge upfront website costs or you don’t want to pay an ongoing subscription for your site. BeTheme makes it possible to build a cost-efficient website that will put your business on the map, and that will be easy to scale alongside your business.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the growing library of affordable websites for small businesses. As of writing this, there are more than 650 pre-built websites to choose from.

And in just a couple of minutes, the BeTheme setup wizard will help you get a fully-loaded site up and running.

BeTheme setup wizard

Plus, BeTheme’s $60 price tag comes with everything you need to customize your site or shop.

For instance:

  • An easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder (give BeBuilder a try now, no installation required)
  • 3000+ pre-built pages
  • 100+ premade sections
  • 80+ page blocks

If your goal is to build an attractive, modern, and responsive small business website, then everything you need is here. As a bonus, your website will be much faster than if you’d built it with another WordPress theme or website builder – and fast loading speeds are always a great competitive edge.

In other words, what others would pay an agency tens of thousands of dollars to do in months can be done by you or your designer in no time at all.

Disclaimer. This article is sponsored by BeTheme.