8 WordPress Plugins for Marketers in 2024

From Brizy to WPDataTables, and from Slider Revolution to Amelia, these top WordPress plugins for marketers in 2024 address four common and often critical website needs.

With over 50,000 free plugins, WordPress.org boasts a vast array of features and functions, many of which you might not have considered. Additionally, there’s a plethora of premium WordPress plugins available.

To simplify your selection process, we’ve rigorously tested over 100 WordPress plugin candidates in several key marketing areas. From this, we’ve narrowed down our choices and compiled a curated list of the top WordPress plugins for marketers.

These plugins have been designed for functionalities including:

  • Building high-converting website landing pages.
  • Enhancing visual storytelling.
  • Managing and displaying marketing, commercial, and other complex data.
  • Automating bookings for appointments and events.

Most of our top picks for WordPress plugins for marketers in 2024 offer both free and premium versions. They include:

These five WordPress plugins possess characteristics crucial for marketers seeking hassle-free solutions:

  • Compatibility: Each plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress and PHP versions, with recent updates released within the last 60 days.
  • Features: We ensured that the advertised features of every plugin fully meet the goals for which they were designed.
  • User Reviews: We delved into customer feedback, considering both the positive and negative aspects.
  • Support: Our recommendations include only those plugins backed by support teams responding within 24 hours.
  • Free Version Availability: Each plugin on our list also offers a free version.

Top 8 WordPress Plugins for Your 2024 Marketing Projects

These top 8 WordPress plugins for marketers in 2024 are the best in their respective categories.

Our aim was to save you 4-5 hours of intensive research and testing. Below, you’ll find detailed information about:

  • Core features,
  • Client ratings,
  • Customer testimonials,
  • and other essential details.
1. Amelia – WordPress Appointment and Event Booking Plugin

Amelia stands out as the premier WordPress plugin for service-oriented businesses, offering an efficient solution for automating and streamlining the appointment booking process.

Over 70% of its users highlight Amelia’s multilingual Notifications system as its most distinctive feature. This system adeptly manages appointments and events through SMS, email, and WhatsApp messages, proving both popular and effective.

Users of Amelia quickly appreciate:

  • An intuitive interface, featuring state-of-the-art backend and frontend designs, and a user-friendly experience devoid of unpleasant surprises.
  • Customization options allowing for a personalized experience tailored to specific business needs.
  • The transparency and fairness of pricing.

Amelia’s engaging pet care business template exemplifies how an inspiring template can attract potential clients. With a wide range of templates available, finding one that suits your business should be straightforward.

Customer Avg. Rating: 4.8/5 on Captera.
Customer Highlight:

“My overall experience with Amelia is entirely positive. I am thrilled to have discovered this product; it has saved me considerable time and money. Relying on Amelia for managing all appointments and bookings greatly simplifies my workflow. I can rest easy knowing Amelia is efficiently handling my business.”

Pros: “Comprehensive functionality and ease of use.”

Cons: “I’ve encountered no significant issues with Amelia. Initially, I had challenges with timing and service scheduling, but I was able to resolve these by creating specific roles and resources.”

Instant support for Amelia includes a user support manual, instructional YouTube videos, and a dedicated Discord Group.

Preview Amelia.

2. wpDataTables – Tables And Charts Manager for WordPress

wpDataTables is the optimal WordPress plugin for organizations or individuals needing to create tables from large, complex datasets.

The standout feature of wpDataTables is its Multiple Database Connections capability. This unique feature allows each table to independently connect to MySQL, MS SQL, or PostgreSQL databases, transforming them into versatile data hubs. This integration of diverse data sources enables a comprehensive view for enhanced decision-making.

wpDataTable users also benefit from:

  • The ability to create tables or charts effortlessly, without any technical know-how.
  • Seamless integration of data from various sources and formats to produce informative tables.
  • Handling complex data structures through a mix of advanced data management features.

wpDataTables is particularly useful for:

  • Creating tables for popular themes, such as a premier league table, essential for sports websites focusing on schedules and stats.
  • Visually presenting financial data using third-party chart engines.
  • Customizing data processing or display with the Transform Value feature.
  • Incorporating dynamic elements with the single cell shortcode feature.
  • Generating tables from MySQL Queries to support specialized industrial data needs.
Customer Avg. Rating: 4.83/5
Customer Highlight: “This plugin was exactly what we needed after trying many others. Its ease of editing and built-in functionalities eliminate the need for coding. The mobile layout is highly efficient in conveying information. Additionally, the support team is very responsive and resolved an issue I had promptly.”

Instant support resources include a detailed support manual and instructional YouTube videos.

Try wpDataTables for free.

3. Brizy – WordPress Theme Builder

Brizy is the go-to WordPress website builder for designers and developers seeking a top-tier White Label solution.

Brizy’s most notable feature is its White Label option, allowing users to rebrand the Brizy builder as their own. This enables clients to create websites using a builder that appears to be your proprietary tool.

Key qualities that users appreciate in the Brizy Builder include:

  • An intuitive user interface, with every tool and option strategically placed for immediate access during the design process.
  • The convenience of editing content directly on the page, without the need for a separate sidebar.
  • A seamless content creation experience, avoiding the disjointed feel encountered in some competing builders.

Beyond the White Label feature, Brizy offers tailored functionalities for agencies and resellers, including marketing integrations, billing, client management, and multi-language support.

Brizy Builder excels in creating innovative websites and landing pages in Brizy Cloud and crafting sites and blogs with Brizy WordPress templates. For instance, the Football Club template is perfectly suited for sports websites, with features for ticket sales, schedules, team information, and more.

Customer Avg. Rating: 4.6/5 on Trust Pilot
Customer Highlight:

“What I appreciate most about Brizy is its flexibility, extensive template and block library, and the starter sites feature. The ability to sync with the SAAS cloud for storing and reusing custom blocks and templates is invaluable. The modern design of the pre-made blocks and templates is continually refreshed with new additions.”

“Areas for improvement include more advanced features like multi-step conditional contact forms, additional blog templates for posts and WooCommerce integration.”

Support resources include the Brizy support manual and instructional YouTube videos.

Explore Brizy Builder plugin.

4. LayerSlider WordPress Plugin

LayerSlider is an exceptional WordPress plugin designed for web designers to create everything from simple sliders to intricate web content with ease.

LayerSlider excels in enabling the creation of sliders with stunning animations. A prime example is the beautiful scroll effect with captivating hero images, as seen in the ‘Fairy’ example. The magic unfolds as you scroll through it.

The ‘Shoes’ template in LayerSlider offers an ideal foundation for crafting landing pages or complete eCommerce websites. It effectively utilizes parallax effects and other engaging techniques to enhance the customer experience.

Exclusive features of LayerSlider include:

  • A comprehensive Project Editor, facilitating an enjoyable foray into web development and access to a full suite of online visual content creation tools.
  • The availability of all necessary tools for designing and crafting sliders, landing pages, or entire websites.
  • Flexibility to suit any website content, especially effective for creating marketing materials quickly.
Customer Highlight: “This slider plugin is amazing. It covers virtually every aspect of slide creation. The dashboard is intuitive and user-friendly.”
Support: LayerSlider includes a comprehensive support manual, alongside built-in help resources within the Project Editor.

Try LayerSlider plugin.

5. Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution stands out as a premier WordPress plugin for web designers and developers aiming to create trendsetting sliders.

For some users, Slider Revolution’s top feature is its visual slider creation without the need for coding. Others are captivated by the extraordinary effects achievable. Both aspects are equally impressive.

Slider Revolution provides a wide range of design options:

  • E-commerce site builders find the WooCommerce sliders particularly useful.
  • Businesses and agencies can effectively utilize one-page portfolio templates.
  • The ‘Starry Night Parallax Zoom Effect’ slider template is a testament to creating impactful visual effects.

Slider Revolution also offers robust tools and options for crafting one-page websites and compelling hero sections, ensuring a strong start to any project.

Users appreciate the ease of enhancing visuals on their WordPress sites and the responsive customer support provided by Slider Revolution.

Customer Avg. Rating: 4.6/5
Customer Highlight:

“A fantastic product offering attractive results. While it requires some fine-tuning, it outperforms other design plugins on WordPress. Definitely worth the investment, having relied on it for many years.”

Support: The support manual and YouTube videos for Slider Revolution are excellent for instant assistance.

Try Slider Revolution plugin.

6. Web Stories Plugin

Web Stories is the premier WordPress plugin for crafting captivating visual narratives that deliver powerful, fast-loading, full-screen experiences.

Its standout feature is the seamless integration of story creation tools into a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor. The plugin offers an impressive array of page templates, such as the ‘Gallery of Modern Art’ template, which cleverly utilizes hover and carousel effects, making it ideal for artistic or creative themed websites.

Additional popular features include:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for easy composition of compelling stories.
  • A visually intuitive dashboard that simplifies the story creation journey.
  • Direct access to media assets from the WordPress media library within the Web Stories dashboard.

Once users start engaging with Web Stories, they quickly notice:

  • Rapid loading times, designed to maintain reader engagement.
  • The ease of creating immersive content, even from a technical standpoint.
  • The ability to share and distribute stories across the open web.
Customer Avg. Rating: 4.1/5
Customer Highlight:

“Having tested several Web Stories plugins, this one stands out. It’s user-friendly, feature-rich, and continuously improving. The support team is prompt and very supportive. Highly appreciated.”

Support: A comprehensive support manual is available for immediate assistance.

Try Web Stories plugin.

7. Tablesome – Best WordPress Form Automation Plugin

Tablesome is the top choice for WordPress form automation, ideal for storing submitted form information in organized tables.

The hallmark feature of Tablesome is its WordPress Automation, streamlining the processes necessary for handling form submissions, such as storing entries in a table, emailing them, and more.

Users appreciate Tablesome for:

  • The time and effort savings realized, along with a significant reduction in the number of plugins needed for various tasks.
  • The advantages offered by the Frontend editing and Google Sheet Integration feature.

Tablesome is also highly effective in supporting the development or modification of data-centric websites. It boasts integrations and workflows with MailChimp, HubSpot CRM, OpenAI/ChatGPT, Google Sheets, Slack, and WordPress.

Customer Avg. Rating: 4.7/5
Customer Highlight:

“Tablesome is a straightforward tool that simplifies adding tables to web pages without unnecessary complexity.”

Support: Instant support is accessible through Tablesome’s user manual and instructional YouTube videos.

Preview Tablesome.

8. Essential Grid WordPress Gallery Plugin

Essential Grid, renowned for its stunning gallery layouts, is the leading WordPress gallery plugin.

The array of unique grid skin options stands out as Essential Grid’s key feature, highlighted by over 50 distinctive grid skins. Users quickly appreciate the time and effort saved, the high-quality support received, and the impressive results achieved.

Among Essential Grid’s popular uses are team grids, blog grids, portfolio grids, and YouTube/Vimeo channel stream grids. The ‘Furniture Shop’ lightbox template layout, with its captivating lighting effects, is just one example of the creative possibilities available, enhancing the visual appeal of any site.

Notably, Essential Grid was developed by the creators of the Slider Revolution plugin, also featured in this best plugins list.

Customer Avg. Rating: 4.7/5 on Trust Pilot
Customer Highlight:

“Essential Grid is a real time-saver, organizing content streams attractively and simplifying navigation for website users. The support team is responsive and efficient, addressing setup questions promptly.”

Support: Comprehensive support is available through the manual and instructional YouTube videos.

Preview Essential Grid.

Could You Benefit from Using One of These Plugins in 2024?

Yes, if there’s a need. While it’s unlikely you’ll need all of these plugins, even one or two could significantly enhance your website. Choosing from a curated selection of top-performing plugins can be a game changer. Each one excels in its design purpose and offers:

  • Fast, stable, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring an intuitive and flexible experience.
  • Time-saving features with top-tier pre-built templates, enhancing the creative process.
  • Freedom from aesthetic or functional constraints.
  • Responsive editing capabilities for optimal display on all screen sizes.
  • Accessible, friendly, and prompt customer support.

This compilation summarizes the best WordPress plugins for 2024, detailing what each offers.

WordPress Plugin Summary Standout Feature
Amelia Best plugin for service-based and event management businesses needing an automated booking system Multilingual notifications system
wpDataTables Best plugin for businesses and individuals who want to create tables and charts Multiple database connections capability
Brizy Builder Best website builder for agencies and designers looking for a White Label solution White Label option
Slider Revolution Best for those looking to create jaw-dropping animated sliders WOW effects for WordPress
LayerSlider Best plugin for designers looking to make simple sliders Scroll effect that includes animation features
Web Stories Best for creating visual narratives and powerful and fast-loading screen experiences. WYSIWYG story creation tool
Tablesome Best for creating visual narratives and powerful and fast-loading screen experiences. WordPress Automation feature
Essential Grid Best for businesses that want to capture visitors’ attention with breathtaking galleries 50+ unique grid skins

We hope that we reduced your search effort to the best plugins in their respective categories. We spelled out for what purpose a specific plugin is good for, as well as shared key info to help you decide if it’s useful to you.

Try the free version and upgrade to the premium version should you have a need to do so. You won’t be disappointed with these top wordpress plugins for marketers in 2024.