Powerful Photoshop: 30+ Mind Blowing Skills and Video Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is perhaps one of the most important applications to handle graphics. It is not only an essential tool for webmasters and graphics designers but for photographers, artistes as well. Its capability is beyond imagination. Here’s some Photoshop drawing skills that will certainly blow your mind of.

How about viewing 3 YouTube video on a screen? If you came across any good Photoshop video suitable for the list, I’d like a heads up. Necessary credits will be given.

Speed Drawing and Make ups

Speed draw -Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne

Evolution Of A Model


Evolution Make Up

pb evolution

Turning Fat Thin


Extreme Makeover

extreme makeover

Celebrity Makeover

celebrity makeover

Speed Vectoring

speed vector

Professionals At Work

professional at work

Dad’s Job

dads job

2. Photoshop Video Tutorial

Using Photoshop Smart Object

photoshop smart object

Draw Realistic Tap Water Effect

realistic water

Color Black & White Image

color black white

Removing Wrinkles

remove wrinkles

Setting Your Name On Fire

name on fire

Clone Yourself


Photo Restoration

photo restoration

Prototype Product Packaging

product packaging with photoshop


photoshop tv

Tones of useful Photoshop tips and video tutorials brought to you live by these guys at Photoshop TV. View full list here at YouTube.